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OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2009 VOL. 13 ISSUE 6 WrittenBy THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © Columns 6 PoV by Robert Eisele Bullies in the writers’ room. 10 Tribute by F.X. Feeney Larry Gelbart, we hardly knew ye. 16 Take Five by Denis Faye John Fasano follows the digital money. 18 The Job by Mike Larsen So this writer walks into Congress and… 20 Tools by Larry Brody Faster, scribe! Kill! Kill! 22 next by Chuck Slocum How deep are your Deep Packets? DEPARTmEnTs 2 Letters 4 Fade In 13 Writers’ Room 56 Fade Out Plus, Written By Online! We’ve gone digital too! Visit WrittenBy.com, click on the cover image, then start turning “pages.” Cover portrait Tom Keller Table of Contents artwork by Michael Morgenstern

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