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Q A For Your Skinformation. I get Botox injections in my underarms to control hyperhidrosis, and it works great. Before I got Botox I would sweat profusely all the time, so that my clothes would get soaked and it was embarrassing. I recently heard about a new treatment called ThermiDry that sounds interesting, and I was wondering what you can tell me about it. Q A I saw my cousin recently and she looked so good, I thought she had lost 20 pounds. But she hadn’t lost weight at all, she’d had a treatment on her face called ThermiTight and also something called Voluma. Exactly what do these treatments do? These are popular treatments that help to reverse the signs of aging on our faces. ThermiTight is a minimally-invasive procedure that tightens the skin along the jawline and upper neck. Voluma is a dermal filler that is injected into the skin to restore firmness and lift to the face. Voluma is FDA approved to last 25 months Many of our patients see their Voluma last even longer. When we have less sagging and shadowing on the face, we appear slimmer and more youthful. Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition of excessive sweating, 4 to 5 times the normal amount. It’s common, affecting over 200 million people, and causes anxiety and insecurity, hurting their personal and professional lives. As you’ve discovered, hyperhidrosis can be successfully treated. ThermiDry is a new procedure which uses a unique FDA-cleared device to decrease sweating in the underarms. The procedure is minimally-invasive, performed in the office, and patients usually have a few days of swelling. One treatment lasts at least 9 months, serial treatments can produce more durable results. Jody Comstock, M.D. Tina Pai, M.D. Faiyaaz Kalimullah, M.D. ® © 2014 Skin Spectrum 520.797.8885 6127 N. La Cholla Blvd., Suite 101 skinspectrum.com

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