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CONTENTS HIGHER LEARNING 2015 FEATURES College tuition is expensive, but it’s not impossible. Knowing your options is the first step toward funding (and affording) higher education. HIGHER LEARNING President and Publisher John J. Palumbo 649-4848 l jpalumbo@rimonthly.com Business Manager Rhonda Alexander 649-4884 l ralexander@rimonthly.com Office Manager Kristine Dorais 649-4847 l kdorais@rimonthly.com Circulation Consultant L. Lee Healy 649-4899 l healylee@aol.com ADMINISTRATION Paying for College 4 Creative Director Doreen M. Chisnell 649-4828 l dchisnell@rimonthly.com Editor Jennifer Stefy Swanson 649 4870 l jswanson@rimonthly.com SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS Associate Editor/Digital Media Coordinator Joshua Aromin 649-4880 l jaromin@rimonthly.com The Extra Edge 8 Reality Check 12 Production Director Paul O’Hare 649-4833 l pohare@rimonthly.com Traffic Manager Aimee O’Connor 649-4855 l aoconnor@rimonthly.com Imaging Specialist Alan DiPetrillo 649-4844 l adipetrillo@rimonthly.com Production Designer Debra Lamp 649-4866 l dlamp@rimonthly.com Advertising Designer Teressa Metfooney 649-4877 l tmetfooney@rimonthly.com PRODUCTION Ten extra-curricular activities that colleges like to see on student applications. Helping teens understand the connection between academic majors and career options should start before they enroll in college. Associate Publisher/Sales Kieran Keating 649-4888 l kkeating@rimonthly.com Director of Marketing and Sales Promotion Robin Erickson 649-4878 l rerickson@rimonthly.com Marketing Consultants Linda Ahlers 649-4801 l lahlers@rimonthly.com Alison Greene 649-4805 l agreene@rimonthly.com Leslie Hunter Gunther 649-4802 l lgunther@rimonthly.com Audra Lavoie 649-4803 l alavoie@rimonthly.com Sharon Paradis 649 4804 l sparadis@rimonthly.com Stephanie Rice 649-4807 l srice@rimonthly.com Sales Administrator Caryl Salisbury 649-4806 l csalisbury@rimonthly.com Marketing and Social Media Coordinator Samantha Eckel 649-4898 l seckel@rimonthly.com SALES AND MARKETING COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES PROFILES Johnson and Wales University 15 Bryant University 16 Community College of Rhode Island 18 N.E. Institute of Technology 20 Providence College 21 Rhode Island College 21 Rhode Island Monthly’s Higher Learning is published by Rhode Island Monthly Communications, Inc., 717 Allens Avenue, Providence, RI 02905. 401649 4800. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission. 2 RHODE ISL AND MONTHLY I HIGHER LE ARNING I 2015

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