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Audited by Certified Audits of Circulation CAC The Florida Sun Established in 1931 Shining A Light On Central Florida www.floridasunreview.com on hand to show their skills and crafts, and many fascinating dis-plays, including an antique car exhibit, will be available. The Zeta Educational Thes-pian Association, Incorporated, and the City of Eatonville, are organizing the event, the first in a while, but it is hoped that the 2015 event will be the first of an annual celebration. Visitors from throughout Central Florida are welcome to come and spend the day celebrating. For further details, contact Ms. Rosa Pickett, President, Zeta Educational Thespian As-sociation, Inc., at rosap7566@ earthlink.net, or 407-625-8211, you can also contact Ms. Rosa Brown at rosa2855@comcast. net, or 1-850-575-2522. The Truth Shall Reign Supreme Vol. 84, No. 4 January 22 -28, 2015 Eatonville, Florida -The town of Eatonville will gather on Sat-urday, February 7, 2015, to rec-ognize the legacy of the oldest African-American town in the United States. Eatonville’s Inaugural Heritage Day 2015 will display a festival atmosphere, providing engag-ing speakers and celebrations of customs and culture honoring the traditions of this small but vibrant municipality. The focus is on helping local youth recon-nect with their past, in order to enhance their future. Saturday morning will kick off with a prayer breakfast featuring the town’s local ministers and dignitaries. Afterwards, story-tellers, musicians, and other per-formers and vendors will be Eatonville to Celebrate Legacy and Encourage Youth with Heritage Day Bethune-Cookman University is One Step Closer to Premiering an Uplift to One of Its Oldest Buildings Daytona Beach, FL -Bethune-Cookman University (B-CU) is working hard to preserve its his-torical campus. The first step for this year was the completion of the renovated Harrison Rho-des Memorial Building. Presi-dent Jackson and special guests gathered last Friday, January 16, to unveil the dedication plaque for the historical campus mark-er. The dedication ceremony recognized all who have been involved in creating this oppor-tunity and launch a countdown to the building reveal. The Harrison Rhodes Memorial Building has been on the B-CU campus since 1941. It was orig-inally the campus’ library and eventually became the home to the social sciences department. The Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity recently hosted a forum at the Florida A&M University Law School. The forum, titled “The Community in Law Enforcement,” focused on a discussion of gun violence, law enforcement practices, the Ferguson decision, the Eric Garner case, commu-nity disconnect and community involvement in relation to law enforcement. Shown from left to right: Jeff Ashton, State Attorney; Jerry Demings, Orange County Sheriff; Desmond Meade, President of Florida Rights Restoration Clinic; John Mina, Orlando Chief of Police; Leroy Per-nell, Dean, FAMU College of Law and Attorney Natalie Jackson. Photo by Ted Hollins. HBCUs Divided Over Free Community College Plan By Freddie Allen, NNPA Senior Washington Correspondent Inside This Issue 2015 Health Care Law -Dr. Edison O. Jackson Upon the completion of the renovation, the Harrison Rho-des Memorial Building will also house the College of Liberal Arts. The renovated building will boast 18 classrooms, more than 30 offices, computer labs and research areas. What Floridians Need to Know Page 3 Lecture & Film Series About Justic e WASHINGTON (NNNPA) – Black college educators and supporters are sharply split over whether President Obama’s pro-posal to offer a free two-year community college education to students making progress toward earning an associate or bachelor’s degree would hurt or harm Historically Black Colleg-es and Universities (HBCUs). Lezli Baskerville, president and CEO of the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO), a nonprof-it network of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HB-CUs) and Predominantly Black Institutions (PBIs), including community colleges, said that for students who have a gap in funding or choose to go to a two-year institution and don’t have adequate funding, America’s College Promise would create another opportunity for them. “We are trying to make sure that students that want to go and Jarvis Christian College Pres-ident Lester C. Newman is concerned that free commu-nity college could hurt pri-vate HBCUs. get a technical certification or some training to get their foot in the door, can do that,” said Baskerville. “We also want to in-centivize and facilitate students who want to get a four-year de-gree doing that, especially low-income students for whom op-tions are very, very limited.” Baskerville said that the jury is still out on whether a student would opt to go to a two-year college for free instead of going to an HBCU. “If they’re going to a two-year institution, they’re going to get a certificate or a two-year degree, something to get them market-ready or entrepreneurship-ready,” explained Baskerville. “If they’re going to a four-year HBCU they’re going because they appreciate the ethos of historic Black colleges that are built on the traditions of the Af-rican American community of family, faith, fellowship, service and social justice.” However, Lester C. Newman, president of Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas, be-lieves HBCUs will pay a price. “They are going to suffer,” he said. “Not too many schools can operate with just the third and fourth level, especially four-Continue on page 2 Valencia College to Hold Page 5 Bethune-Cookman Univ. Kicks-Off Violence Prevention Series Page 6 What is on the Economic Horizon For Black America in 2015? Page 12 Go to: www.floridasunreview.com Read The Florida Sun Online Click Florida Sun Online Is Selma The Movie Historically Accurate? -Former Aides to President Lyndon Johnson say the new Selma movie distorts the relationship between LBJ and Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King. Director Ava DeVernay and Producer Oprah Winfrey have fired back saying the film’s negative portrayal of Johnson is historically accurate.

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