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Creating Your Perfect Smile! Leaking Fillings A filling is said to be “leaking” when the side of the filling doesn’t fit tightly against the tooth. Debris and bacteria present in the mouth can seep down between the filling and the tooth. This can lead to discoloration, sensitivity, or decay. A composite filling may also have gaps where the tooth meets the filling. These gaps are caused by shrinkage when your den-tist places the filling. Sensitivity after receiving a composite filling may disappear over time. If it doesn’t, the filling may need to be replaced. Fillings also can leak as a result of wear as well as expansion and shrinkage of the fillings over time. These fillings should be replaced. CEREC DENTAL RESTORATIONS We at E Dental Solutions, offer single visit CEREC inlays (done to replace fillings), onlays (done to replace fillings when a larg-er, more prominent piece of the tooth is missing) and crowns. CEREC restorations are superior to amalgam or composite fillings because of its superior esthetics and strength while the size of the filling is comparable to any existing restoration it replaces. With enamel-like material, they look and feel like your real teeth, and are longer lasting. As with most CEREC restora-tions, your inlay/onlay or crown can all be taken care of in just one single office visit. This means you can avoid the impression materials, re-numbing the area with anesthetic, temporary and return appointments associated with lab-fabricated ceramic restorations. Benefits of CEREC single visit restorations include: • One-visit convenience • Up to 100% of tooth’s strength • Durability • Long-term (can last 15+ yrs) • High-quality esthetics • Color-matching to blend with natural teeth • Created from metal-free material that mimics natural tooth enamel • Clinically proven and backed by more than 20 years of research Dental Solutions Elahe P. Wissinger, DMD Graduate of Boston University, Member ADA COSMETIC • IMPLANT • RECONSTRUCTIVE & GENERAL DENTISTRY DELTA DENTAL PROVIDER Achieve the look you’ve always wanted! FASTBRACES Technology An American Original Since 1992 ® 2504 E. River Rd. (Just East of Campbell) 520-745-5496 EDentalSolutions.net • FAST – treatment time that is measured in WEEKS instead of years as with traditional orthodontics! • EASY – retainers for only 15-20 minutes a day • QUALITY – The original, certifi ed by the Inventor and made in the U.S. • SIMPLE – Almost always Non-Extraction treatment • FOR TEENS AND ADULTS!

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