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Rhode Island Monthly’s GuIde to the season’s Best GIfts administration President and Publisher John J. Palumbo 649-4848 l jpalumbo@rimonthly.com Business Manager Rhonda alexander 649-4884 l ralexander@rimonthly.com Office Manager Kristine dorais 649-4847 l kdorais@rimonthly.com Circulation Consultant l. lee healy 649-4899 l healylee@aol.com special Publications Creative Director doreen M. Chisnell 649-4828 l dchisnell@rimonthly.com Editor Jennifer steffy swanson 649-4870 l jswanson@rimonthly.com Associate Editor/Special Publications/ Digital Media Coordinator Josh aromin 649-4880 l jaromin@rimonthly.com Special Publications Intern Nicole Vallely 649-4848 l spintern@rimonthly.com sales and Marketing Associate Publisher/Sales Kieran Keating 649-4888 l kkeating@rimonthly.com Director of Marketing and Sales Promotion Robin Erickson 649-4878 l rerickson@rimonthly.com Marketing Consultants linda ahlers 649-4801 l lahlers@rimonthly.com alison Greene 649-4805 l agreene@rimonthly.com leslie hunter Gunther 649-4802 l lgunther@rimonthly.com audra lavoie 649-4803 l alavoie@rimonthly.com sharon Paradis 649-4804 l sparadis@rimonthly.com stephanie Rice 649-4807 l srice@rimonthly.com Sales Administrator Caryl salisbury 649-4806 l csalisbury@rimonthly.com Marketing/Social Media Coordinator samantha Eckel 649-4898 l seckel@rimonthly.com T his h oliday G ive Beautiful Smile! The G ifT of a Early Holiday Gift Certificate Special for Rhode Island Monthly Readers offices Publisher’s Representative , New York Couture Marketing l 917-821-4429 Main number 401-649-4800 Subscriptions 1-877-848-0117 or visit our website at RiMonthly.com. TAke HoMe kiT TeeTh WhiTening For Advertising Information & Rates 401-649-4888 Buy One Get One Free $ 129.99 401-232-7777 PLEASE RECYCLE Candida Castillo DMD, FAGD 2148 Mineral Spring Ave., N. Providence smileri.com THIS MAGAZINE holidays 2014 l RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY 5

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