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Our History n the late 1800’s, one of the oldest boys camps in America was established on Washing-ton Lake, in Washington, Maine. This camp was named Medomak Camp. Across the lake, Wetona Girls Camp was established in the early 1920’s on aparcel of land that was previously a private farm. In 1946, Medomak camp purchased Wetona Girls Camp. After combining the two, it was decided that a new name was in order. A twist of the Medomak name coupled with the lovely Meadowlark bird, seen around the lake, yielded what is now known as Camp Med-O-Lark. The camp was continuously occupied until 1965 when, after a period of slow decline, it closed. Less than two years later, however, it re-opened. The “new” Med-O-Lark that was established in 1967 is the Med-O-Lark that exists today. Different than all other camps of that era, Med-O-Lark was created as a wonderful alternative to the traditional camps of those times. It was designed as a co-ed, non-sectarian, non-competitive camp that emphasized creative pursuits as the foundation of a campers daily experience. Med-O-Lark’s goal was to embrace minority children as well as children from other countries. It was to be a special place emphasizing individual growth and community spirit. As a result of this pioneering approach to camping, Med-O-Lark became an instant success. Today, Med-O-Lark stays true to its roots, continuing its long traditionof values in a nurturing environment. I Our Philosophy O pen to the new and different. Med-O-Lark seeks to supplement the home and school in providing children a fun, safe environment for social, mental and physical development. Med-O-Lark’s philosophy is that chil-dren thrive through individual choice and self-expression. Accordingly, Med-O-Lark’s elective structure and wide selection of activities allow campers the freedom to explore and grow through their experiences. Med-O-Lark’s accepting environment fosters a sense of inclusion, as well as a comfortable atmosphere where children can be cre-ative. Campers feel empowered to step outside of their comfort zones and discover more of themselves, all the while gaining confidence and self-esteem. 1. 8 0 0 . 2 9 2 . 7 7 5 7 3

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