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N A world where everyone was accepted for who they are, a world that was open to the new and the different, a world with minimized structure and maximized opportunities? What if you could live in a perfect world... ow what if that world was located amid quiet hills on the shore of a pristine lake in mid-coastal Maine? Founded in 1967 as a co-ed, non-sectarian, noncompetitive arts camp, Camp Med-O-Lark is that world. Med-O-Larkers gather each summer to create a community where everyone has the chance to discover, to grow, to create, to learn and to shine. Emphasizing the creative arts, Med-O-Lark has the most extensive offering of programs in dance, fine arts, handcrafts and theater of any camp in New England. Campers typically attend one or two four-week sessions, though Med-O-Lark does offer a special two week option as well .. Ultimately, what makes Med-O-Lark truly special is its understanding of what camping should be. It’s about the atmosphere. Above all, Med-O-Lark encourages self-expression and discovery. Med-O-Lark is a place where campers have the chance to try new activities and forge lasting friendships. At Med-O-Lark, no one feels “left-out”. A common refrain heard from campers and staff alike is “there’s just something about this place” that makes the experience powerful and exciting, something which lies beyond the vast activity offerings, humorous evening programs, and serene location. What is that “something”? As so many campers and staff say, “It’s the people.” It’s the magic that is made when people share their true selves in a remarkable community. We hope that you will join us at Med-O-Lark to discover the magic for yourself. Come and find out why Med-O-Lark is a truly amazing summer camp experience! 2 W W W . ME D OL A R K . C O M

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