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IOWA LEAGUE OF CITIES l CITYSCAPE October Volume 70 I No. 4 16 8 6 Issues and Answers: Key Concerns and Priorities Strategic planning process highlights trends impacting multiple cities across the state. The Power of Public Involvement Take a look at public involvement strategies that help get projects implemented instead of shelved. All-Star Community Award Winners A focus on the projects that earned five cities the 2014 All-Star Community Award designation. Road & Bridge Conditions in Iowa Part Two of the League's Transportation Series focuses on Iowa's roads and bridges -from their composition to their condition. New Multi-Residential Rules Released The Iowa Department of Revenue has released a new set of rules governing the multi-residential property tax classification which relies heavily on the "primary use" designation determined by the local assessor. Q&A: Preparing and Presenting the City Budget Preparing quality budget information and presenting it well can be challenging for any city, but it is something all cities should strive to do. 8 11 14 17 23 9 16 19 19 10 19 19 21 19 13 25 25 17 13 12 12 12 13 26 7 19 2 Alliant Energy -Interstate Power and Light Co Bolton & Menk, Inc. FOX Engineering Associates, Inc. French-Reneker Associates Garden & Associates, Ltd. ICMA Retirement Corporation IIW, P.C. Iowa Codification, Inc. J&M Displays, Inc. JEO Consulting Group, Inc. Martin Gardner Architecture, P.C. McClure Engineering Company Missman, Inc. MSA Professional Services, Inc. Pete Howe Industrial, Inc. Snyder & Associates, Inc. Stockwell Engineers, Inc. Terracon Consultants, Inc Tri County Brush Hogging LLC TrueNorth® Utility Service Company, Inc. Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. Ziegler Caterpillar in this issue advertisers 18 24 CITYSCAPE STAFF Publisher: Alan Kemp l Editor: Heather Roberts Staff contributors: Alan Kemp; Bethany Crile; Mark Tomb; Mickey Shields; Ron Sinnwell; Heather Roberts; Cindy Kendall; Erin Mullenix; Terry Timmins; Bruce Bergman; Jeff Schott, Institute of Public Affairs at The University of Iowa; Angie Bersaw, AICP , Bolton & Menk, Inc., DCA Photography & Graphics: Heather Roberts; Katie Wheeler; Bethany Crile; BigStock Photo; Zoe Smith, City of Correctionville ABOUT THE COVER Danny Clark and other community members help to pour concrete at the Correctionville Mercantile site, a winner of the 2014 All-Star Awards. Learn more about this award winner and others on page 11. Photo by Zoe Smith. Cityscape (ISSN 1088-5951) is published monthly by the Iowa League of Cities, 500 SW 7th Street, Suite 101, Des Moines, IA 50309, (515) 244-7282, FAX (978) 367-9733. A subscription to Cityscape is $18/year ($20 outside Iowa) for members and $50/year for non-members. Periodicals postage paid at Des Moines, IA. U.S.P .S. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Iowa League of Cities, 500 SW 7th Street, Suite 101, Des Moines, IA 50309. October 2014 Cityscape 3

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