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Letter f r o m t h e Executive Director Welcome! As a fellow parent of college-aged students, I know there is a lot to absorb even before their first year begins. That’s why we’ve created this special Parent Edi on of the Living Wild e-magazine to let you quickly find answers to a range of college health-related ques ons. From informa on on available health care services, immuniza ons, insurance op ons, or our Campus Care Supplement – we hope you find this resource helpful. You’ll also find ps on how to support the physical and emo onal well-being of your student, as well as their adjustment to this exci ng me of life and learning. Last but not least, know that your student is in good hands. We were the very first college health service in the na on to be accredited in 1978 and we have been reaccredited every three years since then. In addi on to mee ng the highest na onal standards, students tell us they value the care they receive here: according to our 2013 Pa ent Sa sfac on Survey, 99% of our pa ents said they would recommend us to a friend. Our team of dedicated medical, counseling, and health promo on/educa on professionals is commi ed to suppor ng the health and safety of your student so they can reach all of their academic and personal goals during their me here at the UA. I hope that your daughter or son has a very successful, healthy, and safe collegiate career. Sincerely, 1 Harry McDermo , MD, MPH Execu ve Director, Campus Health Service The University of Arizona • 520.621.6490

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