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Recent Releases ® For more reading fun visit Spokenartsmedia.com today! Mathematics ZERO THE HERO "Y*OAN(OLUB )LLUSTRATEDBY4OM,ICHTENHELD LD Famous Authors K-2 Zero, Zippo, Zilch! That’s what all the other numbers think of Zero. He adds nothing in addition. He’s of no use in division. But Zero knows he’s worth a lot. When the other numbers are in trouble, he swoops in to prove his talents are…innumerable. HC/CD# 4242 BAMBINO AND MR. TWAIN "Y0&#0e;)&#0e;-ALTBIE )LLUSTRATEDBY$ANIEL-IYARES America’s favorite author is grieving for the passing of his wife by secluding himself in his Fifth Avenue apartment. He shuns writing, family and friends. Only his daughter’s cantankerous cat, Bambino, seems to understand Sam’s moods. Based on a true story, Sam learns a valuable lesson when Bambino goes missing. HC/CD# 4237 Family Community K-3 THE HOUSE ON DIRTY-THIRD STREET "Y*O3&#0e;+ITTINGER )LLUSTRATEDBY4HOMAS'ONZALEZ When a mother and daughter are forced to start over, the new house they will live in needs a lot of repairs. Overwhelmed, they must seek help. They both learn that when you reach out to the community, people respond with kindness. HC/CD# 4238 DVD 50.00 HC/CD 29.95 SC/CD 19.95 1 Order form available on page 37

Recent Releases

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