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Suit Up for Summer Personal stylist Jill Marinelli helps ladies find the perfect bathing suit. By Erin Balsa > What’s trending for summer 2014? Crochet, vintage-inspired, bold cutouts and athletic-inspired swimwear. Also wearing swimsuits as clothing. I keep seeing them paired as part of an outfit to show their versatility. For example, a halter neck tankini top with a pair of white jeans for evening. > Why is it important to consider your body type when choosing a suit? Just like when you pick an outfit, you need to consider what parts of your body you want to highlight and which parts you’d rather conceal. Women who are triangle or pear shaped carry their weight in the hip and thigh area, so it’s best to wear dark solid colors and draw attention upward with a bolder top. There are lots of great suits with support in the middle for women who have a tummy; Miraclesuit is just one of them. Shapely hourglass ladies need to keep things balanced on the top and bottom; a bikini works well for this body type. Straighter figures can add the illusion of curves with swimwear that has ruffles and other embellishments. > Which colors and patterns work best for women of different hair and skin tones? Generally speaking, the colors you wear should be harmoni-ous with your natural eye and hair color. You can never go wrong in wearing a bathing suit that’s the color of your eyes. Whatever contrasts you have in your hair, skin and eyes, you want to replicate that in the colors and patterns you wear. For example, if you have light skin and dark hair (high contrast), black and white prints will look stunning on you. But if you are light haired and pale skinned, pastels and low contrast prints will probably work better. For redheads, I love greens. > Active women need suits Swim TrunkS 101 Five tips for choosing surf shorts and hanging ten in style. By Erin Balsa Hurley Phantom board shorts, $125, hurley.com. Brian’s picks Eco formula sunscreen, $18.99, rawelementsusa. com. Brian Guadagno is the senior life-guard captain at Narragansett Town Beach as well as the presi-dent and founder of Raw Ele-me nt s USA , an e co -frie ndly sunscreen company. Which style of board shorts work best for active men who surf or wakeboard? A cut that lands above the knee is what we [lifeguards] train and work in. The four-way stretch-style fabrics have really exploded onto the scene in the last few years. They’re great because they dry very quickly, are super lightweight and stretch for performance and durability. Do you recommend any par-ticular brand names? There are so many great young and exciting brands breaking into the mar-ket — many from California. I per-sonally prefer Hurley Phantoms for their durability and reliability, but there are many other great ones, too. Most retail at prices that tend to run between $45 and $60. What is your favorite place to shop for trunks in Rhode Island? For board shorts and pretty much everything leading the surf and lifestyle market, I can always |   |    CONTINUED ON PAGE 16 6 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY l SUMMER GUIDE 2014 BlACk BATHING SUIT, CoURTESy oF BARE NECESSITIES. BEACH CovER-UP, CoURTESy oF PIPERlIME. BoARD SHoRTS CoURTESy oF HURlEy. GUADAGNo, TRIPP BURMAN. RIGHT PAGE, NAT REA. that will move with them as they play beach volleyball or surf the waves. Do you have any sporty recommenda-tions? Athletic-friendly suits are huge this season! I love the look of a rash guard but do not like boy shorts. Instead, I’d go with a high-waisted retro bikini bottom. > Is it true that women shouldn’t wear bikinis past the age of thirty-five? I think if you look good and feel good you should wear a bikini regardless of age! However, if you prefer being more modest, there are some beautiful cover-ups that can be worn all day at the beach, like the new maxi-length cover-ups. They can be worn with a chunky wedge and a bold cuff or stack of bracelets. > Do you recommend any favorite stores or shops that |   |    CONTINUED ON PAGE 16 are Jena Miraclesuit, $152, barenecessities.com. Jill’s picks Beach cover-up, $105, piperlime.com.

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