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Manners Matter Avoid angering the locals by treating their island with respect. Come summer, the population of Newport swells from roughly 24,000 to accommo-date couples looking for a romantic week-end away, day trippers, wedding guests and seasonal workers who cross the Pell Bridge and share Aquidneck Island with long-established residents. “Because it is a resort, you have so many different levels of understanding of ex-pectation of what people want,” says Didi Lorillard, founder of the etiquette website newportmanners.com. “Everybody’s look-ing for something different.” But summer’s more casual vibe can lead some to abandon their manners. While Loril-lard appreciates the business visitors bring to the city, she would prefer that they refrain from the following etiquette violations: Cigarette butts. “It’s a cozy Co-1 lonial town that gets bombarded with all these people from all over, and a lot of them really just don’t understand that you don’t throw your cigarette butts out the car window.” “I see all these McDon-2 Litter. ald’s boxes that you don’t see in the wintertime.” Casual dress. “Dress codes have 3 relaxed a lot, but people don’t understand that just because they’re re-laxed, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a collared shirt.” Over familiarity. “A good waiter 4 will get better tips. He’s not go-ing to get good tips by trying to find out if you know his cousin. He’s going to get a better tip if he comes back to the table and asks if everything is all right, does anyone need anything?” Dog poop. “Tourists are on holi-5 day. The B and B is going to make their bed for them, and the restaurant is going to clean their dishes for them. So they let the dog out of the car and say, ‘that looks like a nice patch of pachysandra.’ ” Take your pooch out to Fort Adams or other dog-friendly destinations. A couple enjoying the Black Pearl in Newport. More Than a Fling Social groups, meetups and singles nights to help you find summer romance. By Camryn Rabideau Outdoor New England What to expect: Rhody summers are too beautiful to be stuck on the couch. This group plans monthly outdoor adventures, such as hiking, sightseeing or playing sports, followed by dinner and drinks at a local restaurant. Who will be there: Anywhere from ten to thirty members between ages thirty and fifty-five. Join the group for free on meetup.com. Try this group if: You love the outdoors and want to enjoy the seasonal weather. It’s a great opportunity to meet your summer adventure partner. Cost: Pay your own way on trips and for food and drinks. meetup.com/outdoornewengland Who will be there: Around eighty singles between ages twenty-four and forty-nine. Organizers monitor the guest list, so rest assured there will be a good ratio of men and women. Try this event if: You like the bar scene, but aren’t great at meeting people. The game is a cute and easy icebreaker, so you won’t be fumbling through awkward introductions. Cost: Tickets are $20 in advance or $30 at the door. lockandkeyevents.com Singles Night at Muse Paintbar Lock and Key Events What to expect: Who holds the key to your lock? At these mixers, women wear lock necklaces and men wear keys. Find a match (each key opens multiple locks), and you’ll be entered in the night’s raffles. Events are held at venues like the Whiskey Republic, right by the water. 12 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY What to expect: Put on an apron because it might get messy. An expert instructor will guide you step-by-step until your masterpiece is complete. Nibble on finger foods and sip liquid courage while you eye the cute stranger across the room. If all else fails, at least your lovely painting will be going home with you. Who will be there: A creative crowd of thirty people; ages will vary. Try this event if: You’re a good conversationalist and thrive in |   |    CONTINUED ON PAGE 24 intimate l SUMMER GUIDE 2014 DATE, SANDy NESBITT. AERIAL PHoTo CoURTESy oF NEWPoRT FoLk FESTIvAL.

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