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IOWA LEAGUE OF CITIES l CITYSCAPE May Volume 69 I No. 11 10 8 6 Community safe rooms It is no secret Iowa is vulnerable to natural disasters. See what Stanton and Edgewood are doing to protect their citizens. Let the sunshine in The Iowa Public Information Board shares insight into their program. Exploring debt service levies Review what the Code of Iowa says about debt service levies. Iowa’s property tax system Take a look at the assessment limitation changes as the series on Iowa’s changing property tax system contin-ues. Get ready for pool season As swimming pools open their doors examine a few pool-related personnel issues. Golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles While cities have authority to adopt laws, it is also important to know how other laws regulate golf carts, ATVs and snowmobiles. 8 10 18 6 2 15 9 7 21 17 15 26 2 8 19 9 9 20 27 12 15 20 10 20 11 14 14 13 27 14 Bolton & Menk, Inc. D.A. Davidson & Co. Foth Garden & Associates, Ltd. GATSO USA Hydro-Klean LLC I & S Group, Inc. IIW, P.C. Iowa Communities Assurance Pool Iowa Finance Authority Iowa Municipalities Workers’ Compensation Association Iowa Public Agency Investment Trust JEO Consulting Group, Inc. Kirkham, Michael & Associates, Inc. Martin Gardner Architecture, P.C. McClure Engineering Company Northland Securities, Inc. Pete Howe Industrial, Inc. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Maintenance Co. Purple Wave Auction Rehab Systems, Inc. Speer Financial, Inc. Stockwell Engineers, Inc. Terracon Consultants, Inc TrueNorth® USW Utility Group Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. in this issue advertisers 16 18 24 CITYSCAPE STAFF Publisher: Alan Kemp l Editor: Heather Roberts Staff contributors: Alan Kemp; Bethany Crile; Mark Tomb; Mickey Shields; Ron Sinnwell; Heather Roberts; Cindy Kendall; Erin Mullenix; Terry Timmins; Bruce Bergman; Troy DeJoode, Iowa Associa-tion of Municipal Utilities; Keith Luchtel, IPIB; John Danos, Dorsey & Whitney, LLP; Laurie Mardis Miles Capital, Investment Advisor Photography & Graphics: Heather Roberts; Katie Wheeler; Bethany Crile; BigStock Photo; Stanton Viking Center; City of Brooklyn ABOUT THE COVER The city of Brooklyn is known as the community of flags. Shown is it’s Avenue of Flags, the centerpiece of which is a large U.S. flag. Read more about flag etiquette on page 14. Cityscape (ISSN 1088-5951) is published monthly by the Iowa League of Cities, 500 SW 7th Street, Suite 101, Des Moines, IA 50309, (515) 244-7282, FAX (978) 367-9733. A subscription to Cityscape is $18/year ($20 outside Iowa) for members and $50/year for non-members. Periodicals postage paid at Des Moines, IA. U.S.P .S. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Iowa League of Cities, 500 SW 7th Street, Suite 101, Des Moines, IA 50309. May 2014 Cityscape 3

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