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Q A For Your Skinformation. I am a young woman, and the one thing about my face that I wish I could change is my very square jaw. I thought that it could only be improved by surgery, but I recently was told that Botox will also work. Can you tell me more? Q A After 35 years of marriage, I am now single and thinking about dating. This is both an exciting and terrifying prospect! I feel very good about the person that I am inside, but I don’t feel so positive about my outward appearance and would like to improve it. Is laser a good treatment? A square jaw tends to impart a strong, masculine look to the face, whereas a tapered, V-shaped jaw is considered to be more feminine. A square jaw is often due to enlargement of the masseter, one of our chewing muscles. We inject Botox to reduce the size of the masseter muscle, which creates a slimmer, less angular jawline. This treatment takes just a few minutes and there is no visible healing. After several treatments, many patients achieve long-lasting improvement. Of course we know that it’s what we have inside that truly matters. We also see that when we feel good about our appearance, we are more confi dent and relaxed, and better able to let that inner beauty shine through. Whether you want a complete makeover or prefer a less-is-more approach, we help our patients to look their best with a personalized treatment plan. We off er many quick “pick-me-up-perk-me-up” solutions such as the cheek lift, eye lift, lasers, and IPL that boost both your skin and attitude! Jody Comstock, M.D. Tina Pai, M.D. 520.797.8885 6127 N. La Cholla Blvd., Suite 101 skinspectrum.com

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