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UA’s path to enhancing self-worth and body image for all Wildcats Overvaluing Weight, Undervaluing YOU By: Gale Welter Coleman, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS You become a better student, family member, friend, and partner when you place your values on YOU, not your weight. When you feel good about yourself you attract others to you, and your sense of purpose and contribution expands. Use e all want to be “attractive,” don’t we? Or is that code for wanting to be loved, included, worthy, be enough, or feel a sense of belonging? Many students equate “attractive” with their weight and spend A LOT of time, effort, and money trying to get it right. But “right” is an illusion that we are led to believe by thousands of profit – and ego-driven messages we see daily in ads, social media, movies, and TV. We want to look our best, but we get out of balance when we obsess about weight so much that we start missing out on life. W For other resources to support valuing YOU, go to the following to help acknowledge the wonderful person you are: • List your assets, talents, and accomplishments daily • Focus on the positive aspects of your life • Stop criticizing yourself • Avoid globalizing. Instead of saying “I’m such a failure,” say “I didn’t do that one little thing quite right” • Let go of perfectionism – it is the enemy of accomplishment • Develop a personal style that announces “I like me!” Be smart, Body Smart! 3 • 520.621.6490

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