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G r e e k Sp o tlight 1. What is a Smart Move you’ve made in college? The smart move that I made here at the UA was to take Donna Swaim’s Spirituality in the Arts class. This class has taught me to give everyone I encounter a chance and has given me the skills to really make a connec on when talking to people even if it’s just for a few minutes. I highly encourage others to take this class! Major: Religious Studies • Minor: Hip Hop BEN BERGER Junior, Alpha Epsilon Pi 4. What is your favorite part about The University of Arizona? My favorite part about the UA is the community. The Greek community, the community from your freshman dorm, and every other community we may have here. They all fit together and make our 30-thousand-plus student body feel small and welcoming. 5. Why did you choose to go Greek? I chose to go Greek for a few reasons. I had many friends who were in Greek life and they told me how great it was, and I also wanted to be a part of a brotherhood where I could be myself. AEPi here at the UA has given me that and much more. 6. What is your favorite part about Greek Life at the UA? I don’t really have a favorite part; I just love being a part of the Greek community here at the UA. 3. What’s your favorite campus resource or program? It may sound cheesy but my favorite campus resource is the library. I have spent hours on end there studying for classes and doing school projects, and I am grateful we have a place like it. 2. How has this Smart Move helped you/ challenged you? This class challenges you to make a connec on with everyone in the class. We are pushed to come out of our comfort zones and I have been able to meet people different than myself yet we s ll enjoy some of the same things. I challenge myself every day to meet someone new, and so far I have met lots of people. 8. What are your plans for a er college? A er I graduate, I plan on moving back to Los Angeles to con nue pursuing ac ng. I have been ac ng from the age of 6 and will not stop ac ng un l I make it as a successful actor. 7. Are you involved outside of the organiza on you are affiliated with? Other organiza ons I’m involved with at the UA are Catpac, which is a pro-Israel group, as well as JAC Chabad and Hillel, both of which are Jewish organiza ons that focus on Jewish life on campus. 1 • 520.621.6490

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