The Legal Investigator Winter 2014 : Cover

WINTER 2014 VOL. 38, ISSUE 4 the legal investigator The Official Journal of the National Association of Legal Investigators Criminal Defense Investigator’s Role in Indigent Clients’ Rights Janiece J. Lee, CLI | p.4 SPECIAL FOCUS | p.8 A natural experiment in Philadelphia reveals the difference that a lawyer makes to the outcome of a serious criminal case. This in depth report shows characteristics of the defense counsel make a vast difference in the outcome of murder cases. SPECIAL INTEREST | p.38 NATIONAL DIRECTOR | p.40 Growing inmate crowding with triple bunking, waiting lists for education/drug treatment, limited meaningful work opportunities, and increased inmate-to-staff ratios, negatively affects the inmates, staff, and infrastructure of our prisons. NALI National Director invites your input on the MidWinter conference training, introduces the Constitutional Amendments for vote in June, covers the state of NALI financials, Executive Counsel activity, and more.

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