Rhode Island Monthly Occasions Spring/Summer 2014 : Page 6

SPE CIAL AD VER TISING SE C TION home, make sure furniture is arranged to encourage free movement. Don’t central-ize food at a single table or you’ll end up with an imbalanced crowd. VENUES : Public Kitchen and Bar at the Renaissance, in Providence, has the per-fect vibe: It’s a classy spot that reads as hip rather than pretentious. The food’s great and, being right in the city, guests have lots of choices should they choose to grab dinner once your soiree wraps. When throwing a cocktail or dinner party, keep the conversation lowing by taking the time to make introductions. DINNER PARTY G OA L : To host a convivial gathering of friends and/or family in an intimate set-ting where everyone (yes, that means you, too) can enjoy the food, the company and the conversation. PLAN OF ATTACK: The meal — like the place settings and the décor — should be a step above your average weeknight dinner. If your intentions are good but your culi-nary skills are infamous, call a caterer. In addition to serving memorable menus, the event planners at Plantation Caterers of Newport can help you pull all the pieces together. Focus on setting a mood with décor — nice linens, china, flatware and flowers — and let their pros do the cooking. VENUES: If your table’s too small (or your guest list is too big) Chapel Grille in Cran-CAST YOUR VOTE APRIL 1–30 RIMONTHLY.COM 90 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY l APRIL 2014

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