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SPE CIAL AD VER TISING SE C TION GET THIS PA RT Y STARTED 1. Why and when. Whether you’re planning a holiday party or a mile-stone celebration, you need to start with a date. Note to all you procras-tinators: Make it a realistic one by giving yourself enough time to get things done. The more formal the party and the larger the guest list, the more advance you’ll need. 2. Guest list. Although your guest list may require paring as you proceed, you should establish early on whom you’d like to invite as this will dictate where you’ll be celebrating. 3. Budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend. Need to keep expenses down? Limit the guest list or get creative (read: crafty) with your venue, décor and food. Although hosting a party at home can result in overall savings, be careful not to underestimate the cost of alcohol. Also, give yourself a cushion to cover last minute something-or-others. 4. Theme. The ‘why’ and the guest list will in luence your theme (signature cocktails and soft candlelight are out if you’re planning a six-year-old’s birthday party). Consider the crowd, their ages and personalities. 5. Venue. It’s inally time to go venue hunting. The earlier you start planning, the more likely you are to be able to book the venue you want when you want it. 86 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY l APRIL 2014

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