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Frank Martucci | | CONTINUED FROM PAGE 53 J.G. COFFEY CO. LLC . member TM Tennis • Basketball • All Sports Courts Surfacing, Construction and Repair Services 401.441.0871 www.netennisandtrack.com info@netennisandtrack.com there’s someone with passion who cre-ated that bottle. Signature drink at Twin River: The Wink. It’s my homage back to Rhode Is-land’s rum industry. It includes Thomas Tew rum, orgeat, Creole Shrubb, John D. Taylor Velvet Falernum and pineapple bitters. Do you make anything at home? Pine-apple bitters, but not the ones we use at the casino. Craziest on the job story: While I was working the bar, I once saved a friend of mine who was choking on prime rib. Strangest thing you’ve seen from behind the bar? I’ve seen proposals, I’ve seen people die, I’ve seen people having s.... Why is being a bartender a tough job? What is a bartender? You’re part psy-chologist; you’re part banker because you’re handling money; and you’re part doctor, because you’re prescribing alco-hol. You also have to play part cop, when you have to tell someone they’ve had enough. Responsible serving of alcohol is such a huge part of it. What’s the purpose of USBG? It’s all about education. We network with bar-tenders in the state and the nation who are passionate in the industry. Favorite cocktail book: Imbibe by David Wondrich. Proudest accomplishment: Sharing my passion for the business as the United States representative for the World Cock-tail Championship in Prague. Also, work-ing with industry colleagues and friends for Project Broken Wheel. We collect bikes, fix them up and donate them to children in need. J.C. Active Relaxation Center R HODE I SLAND ’ S O NLY A CTIVE R ELAXATION C ENTER Jonathan Pogash | | CONTINUED FROM PAGE 54 Active Relaxation Room Facials / Salt Scrubs Refl exology / Massage Juice Bar Himalayan Salt Grotto Eucalyptus Steam Room Turmeric Heat Sauna Dead Sea Oceanic Room Heated Urban Hamman Black Charcoal Sauna Cranio Sacral Aurvedic Abiyanaga Thai Yoga Stretch 19 Sharpe Drive, Cranston, RI 98 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY • 401.463.3335 • raffayoga.com trains staff for a living (but not at Diego’s; he just likes what the bartenders do here). He’s also the Northeast regional vice president for the United States Bartend-ers Guild, and he edited the Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide: Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Edition. “That’s an iconic bar book. We tore it apart and made it rele-vant for today’s bartenders,” he says. “I tested recipes and edited 300 to make them work and credited recipes to some l APRIL 2014

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