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SPE CIAL AD VER TISING SE C TION M AS T ER B AT H S The desire for open, airier spaces and sim-pler Shaker style cabinetry has extended to the master bath, too. That means spacious footprints, frameless glassed-in showers and furniture-style vanities are in. Colors have taken a modern twist, trending toward earth tones like greens, grays and taupes in lat, not shiny, inishes, Andrade says. S HOW E R S, T U B S A ND S I NK S For the longest time there was a tub in every bathroom; now it’s one tub per house, Davitt says. “People are in a hurry and don’t have time for baths, so the big shower has become the emphasis. Three-by-three is now considered small.” And those big showers are designed to look as open as possible. “Often the thresh-old is eliminated for a cleaner look, and long linear drains are in huge demand. Rather than pitching the loor to a center drain, 401 -231 -1230 you pitch it toward one side so you hardly 41 Cedar Swamp Road, Smithfield, RI notice a dip. The loor is latter, streamlined Special offer at: and more contemporary,” Stoddard says. greenvillekitchens-bath.com Demand for body jets is beginning to taper off, but dual showerheads are very hot. “Especially when one is a handheld,” says Andrade. “They’re very versatile. You can clean the shower, wash the dog. We’re If you can imagine it, we’ll bring it to life. From design to completion our talented team will take care of everything including the kitchen sink. Luxurious. Yet surprisingly affordable. Call or stop by our design showroom and discover 401 -231 -1230 Cedar Swamp Road, Smithfield, RI how our highly skilled 41 team can develop smart solutions your , bath and budget. Special for o er at: kitchen greenvillekitchens-bath.com We warranty your project for life. We provide the “WOW” factor. SPRITZ O Exquisite bath and kitchen designs to soothe your soul, excite your senses and capture your style. Make a Splash. 333-339 Harris Ave Providence, RI For an appointment call 800.207.2713 Make a striking design statement. Aliated Spritzo Showrooms Saco, ME-Newton, MA Now open in Worcester, MA A Division of The Portland Group SplashSpritzo.com 126 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY l MARCH 2014 PHOTOGRAPH OPPOSITE PAGE COURTESY OF BATH SPLASH SHOWROOM Everything and the kitchen sink.

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