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SPE CIAL AD VER TISING SE C TION netry and granite countertops. As people entertain more outside, they like to have more amenities available outside such as a mini-fridge or bar so guests don’t have to go inside for a re ill. 13. OUTDOOR FURNITURE Alo n g with in cre as e d o utdo o r livin g comes a need for beautiful and functional furniture for relaxing, dining, entertaining or enjoying outdoor activities. Donahue says there’s a style for every home, from formal to rustic and everything in between. The variety of materials available — from traditional teak and cedar to cherry, cast aluminum and wood alternatives — can make choosing di icult. Looks like wood. Lasts a lifetime. Indoor Refreshers 14. PAINT This is a fast, inexpensive way to freshen up the look of a room. “We’re busier paint-ing on the inside in spring than in the winter,” Lopatosky says. That could be due to a number of factors. In spring you can open a window to let the fumes out and you don’t have to worry about workmen tracking in salt and snow. Then there’s the hibernation factor — you’ve been staring at those walls all winter and have inally deter-mined that now is the time for a change. And Lopatosky reports that interior eco-friendly paints with less off-gassing have made leaps and bounds in recent years. 15. FLO O RIN G If you haven’t shopped for looring in a while, you’ll be amazed at the options available now. “We can put so much fashion at a per-son’s feet right now, it’s unbelievable,” says Paul Massud, co-owner of Massud and Sons in Central Falls. If you’re ready to replace looring, one option on the upswing is bamboo. It looks great and it’s eco-friendly — bamboo can be replenished to full maturity in just eight years compared with oak’s eighty to 100 years, Massud says. Another new trend is laminate looring that looks like tile or slate. Hardwoods have always been popular, and Massud says every new house they work on has them, as compared to a few years ago new houses had 80 percent carpet. If you already have hardwoods, spring is a great time to re inish them so they look new again. Massud uses a vacuum sander with HEPA ilters for a 99 percent dust free process. ➤ Walpole’s cellular PVC material looks like real wood and it’s maintenance free. See our fence, pergolas, arbors, lantern and mail posts, outdoor furnishings, window boxes and planters, also offered in natural wood. To arrange a free design consultation stop by or call 401-823-7091. Come to a store and test ride a redwood Woodplay Playset. TM 1350-A Bald Hill Rd., Warwick• 401-823-7091 • facebook/WalpoleOutdoors * walpolewoodworkers.com J.G. COFFEY CO. LLC . member TM Tennis • Basketball • All Sports Courts Surfacing, Construction and Repair Services 401.441.0871 www.netennisandtrack.com info@netennisandtrack.com l MARCH 2014 131 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY

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