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At Admira Dentistry, our goal is to transcend your smile. Yes, to go beyond it. I’m Dr. Joe Barton and I’ve always wanted my guests to feel as good as I do. As a person who believes in the benefits of eating right, and exercise, I have found that achieving and maintaining that “balance” is really the key to living a great life; a life in harmony... beyond your smile. Although we are known for creating beautiful, natural looking smiles, it really goes far beyond that. For years, I’ve seen how a healthy, beautiful smile can be the catalyst for a new overall, improved quality of life. Another important area of our practice is reducing or eliminating pain associated with TMJ/TMD. We also help our guests with mild to moderate sleep apnea using the latest oral appliances as well as provide routine cancer screenings and genetic testing. Our affiliation with a network of experienced and trusted doctors and specialists ensures our guests the most comprehensive approach to both oral and total body health. Our sincerest goal is to see the life of our guests To begin your journey towards a new, wonderful life of... “Beauty -Health -Balance”, call our office today at 904.733.9144. Or visit us online at Dr. Joseph Barton Admira Dentistry

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