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Rhode Island Monthly’s HEALTH & table of WELLNESS contents a Rhode Island Monthly publication „ 2014 guide to FEATURE S be Y ou R b e s t . L I ve Y ou R b e s t . Surgical Precision “” 04 Upon learning of a serious diagnosis, Rhode Islanders’ first thoughts often turn to Boston. Hospitals here are working to change that by investing in advanced robotics. Today’s Visionaries 16 Evolutions in laser technology have resulted in new, more precise surgical techniques to treat cataracts. Plus, closing the gap between cosmetic and corrective procedures. A Healthy Exchange 20 The rollout of the federal health care exchange has been bumpy. Thanks to a decision to create a state-level marketplace, Rhode Islanders aren’t feeling the pain. 15 “Nothing like this exists around here. I don’t think there’s any better place in the country or the world for this type of care right now.” Top Chiropractors 24 Doctors of chiropractic can provide relief for conditions ranging from sciatica to tension headaches, muscle spasms and general pain. We have fifty-four Rhode Island chiro-practors who can get you back on track. Physicians Listings 28 SPECiAL SECTionS „ Medical and health professionals in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. The 2014 directory of physicians — a reference guide for consumers looking for health care providers — includes Rhode Island physicians in active practice (M.D.s and D.O.s). cHIROPRacTOR PROfIlEs p. 26 Spotlighting some of Rhode Island’s chiropractors. PHysIcIan PROfIlEs p. 38 A focus on select local physicians and their areas of expertise. DEnTIsT PROfIlEs p. 50 A closer look at some of the area’s dentists and oral specialists. Rhode Island Monthly | Guide to Health and Wellness 2014 3

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