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Operating by the Light Of a firefLy by Diane M. Sterrett Another groundbreaking technology in which Rhode Island hospitals and physicians are leading the way is Firefly Fluorescence Imaging. Used in conjunction with the da Vinci surgical system, it employs a special tracer dye and camera filter to give surgeons real-time, image-guided identification of key anatomical landmarks using near-infrared technology. Gynecologic oncology surgeons at Women and Infants began using the Firefly in July in revolutionary sentinel lymph node dissections for endometrial and cervical cancers. The sentinel node is the first in a chain of lymph nodes draining a specific area where a cancer develops and is the first node where cancer cells may metasta-size. Removing the sentinel lymph node has long been the standard of care when treating breast cancers. “But in cervical and endometrial cancer the lymph nodes are deep inside the body, so we’ve never been able to easily identify the sentinel node,” explains Dr. Richard G. Moore, a gynecologic oncologist with the program in women's oncology at Women and Infants. “With Firefly, the fluorescent dye gets taken up by the lymphatics and goes to that very first lymph node that drains the area where the tumor is growing. Then, while At Radiology associates , we use state of the art full field digital mammography. Our Doctors are Board Certified by the American College of Radiology and our Technologists are registered in mammography by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Check with your doctor, but if you’re over 40 and it’s been more than a year since your last mammogram, it’s time. ur experience has taught us what is important to you, the patient: that you want to be treated with respect by people who care, that you want your questions answered quickly, and that your results are delivered accurately and swiftly. O Quality examination protocols excellent reputation among referring physicians. call to schedule an appointment at toll Free 1-855-Ri Woman. (1-855-749-6626) P ink R ibbon F acility oF E xcEllEncE in b REast H EaltH CT • Ultrasound • Digital Mammography • Bone Densitometry • X-Ray Vincent A. DeCesaris, M.D. | Frank W. Musche, M.D. | Anthony R. Potenza, M.D. C. Michael Williams, M.D. | John C. Baxter, M.D., F.A.C.R our new web address is www.riwoman.org Metacomet executive office Park 450 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Bldg. 2 East Providence Bayside Medical Building 235 Plain Street Providence Warwick office 469 Centerville Rd, Ste. 103 Warwick 401-435-3041 401-272-8510 401-738-9002 Oncologists at Women and Infants are using the Firefly System when treating endometrial and cervical cancers. 12 Rhode Island Monthly | Guide to Health and Wellness 2014

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