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H IP OR KNEE PAIN SLOWING YOU DOWN ? Take the next step: MAKO plasty ® • Surgeon-controlled robotic arm system offers new level of precision to restore your mobility and active lifestyle • MAKOplasty Knee Resurfacing offers a minimally invasive treatment option for early to mid-stage osteoarthritis of the knee • MAKOplasty Total Hip Replacement surgery is planned to your unique anatomy for a new level of accuracy in implant positioning and alignment • Most experienced MAKOplasty surgeons in New England – over 2,000 procedures For a consultation with a physician at South County Orthopedics, call 401 789-1422. Surgical PreciSion |   |    CONTINUED frOm PAGE 6 “ Excellence, located in the Fain build-ing across from Miriam’s emergency room entrance. Here, they’ve created a regional epicenter revolving around robotic procedures encompassing pros-tate, bladder and kidney cancers, as well as a kidney stone center. The need is clear: Rhode Island has the highest bladder cancer rate per capita in the country, and 12 to 15 percent of the population gets kidney stones. “It’s a $4 billion problem in the U.S. It’s increasing because of childhood obesity, and it’s increasing in women,” Pareek says. We recruited all these top-notch people based around what our surgical patients need. I feel it’s almost irresponsible to do robotics and not have these ancillary support systems for patients. A partnership of South County Hospital, South County Orthopedics, and VNS Home Health Services www.schospital.com/orthopedics ~ www.scortho.com Want to know more? For information on free evening presentations in your area, please call 401 788-1173. No registratioN fees first group class free ripilatesstudio.com 401.335.3099 622 George Washington Hwy, Lincoln, RI 02865 rear parking lot of Lincoln Mall As they built the cancer center, they developed more programs and recruited experts to lead them. “Once we had the technology and the increased volume, our goal was to recruit top-notch physicians and offer the most innovative care that we could. We recruited Dr. Dragan Golijanin from New York to join our team so we could expand the program to kidneys and bladders,” says Pareek. Golijanin already knew of Ren-zulli and Pareek from their work. The chance to work with them and the da Vinci technology were a large part of what drew him to Rhode Island. “I was always teaching my residents how important it is to do prospective studies, and Joe [Renzulli] and Gyan [Pareek] did prospective studies on complications and outcomes of robotic prostatectomy that is probably one of the best studies ever done for prostate 8 Rhode Island Monthly | Guide to Health and Wellness 2014 “

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