Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association JOSMA Volume 106, No. 10, October 2013 : Page 4

Continued... patient gives them permission to contact me for the Medicare covered service, to which they are entitled. The record at the office is a patient who said yes to five different diabetic supply companies….so I have a EMR form that does my diabetic supplies, answers all of the questions, written on my letterhead and given to the patient, they can send it in once...and then I ignore any further faxes...because a fax is not necessary when you have my diabetic supply prescription…. Seems my simple answer frustrates the diabetic supply companies…but it protects me and my patient from the confusion of fast talking salesmen on the phone. Hospitals are not always happy with my “hacks”...occasionally they tell me the “hack” is I ask them for the regulation or rule...when they cannot produce this, I am placed on the disruptive physician list because I do not use the correct form or play the game the way that they would prefer… In this day of sameness and the “plastic doc” (i.e. the one size fits all model)...give the disruptive technology of hacking a try….I think you will like it. An editorial is a column of personal opinion that may or may not reflect the official position of the OSMA. 384 • OSMA Journal • October 2013

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