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G r e e k Sp o tlight 1. What is your favorite part about The University of Arizona? I love the spirit of the university. There is so much Wildcat Pride and you can tell how much students love The University of Arizona. It makes me so happy to walk around a campus where the students genuinely love where they are. 2. Briefly explain what it is you do in the Associated Students of The University of Arizona (ASUA). I am the Execu ve Vice President of ASUA. In this posi on, I am in charge of the 500+ University recognized clubs and am the chair of the Student Senate. 3. What made you interested in becoming a part of ASUA? When I was a sophomore, an applica on for a posi on planning Community Service events came over my sorority’s listserv. I applied on a whim, and got the posi on! From there, I fell in love with being able to serve and advocate for other UA students. 4. What goals do you have for your term? One of the things I plan to do is make it easier for clubs to access our resources. ASUA offers many valuable resources for student clubs, but some of the current processes DANIELLE NOVELLY Alpha Phi and ASUA EVP Interview by Megan May, Panhellenic VP of Health Promo ons are confusing and can be frustra ng. So, I really want to revamp the systems we have. 5. What is your favorite part about Greek Life at the UA? My favorite part of Greek Life is the sense of community. Regardless of which chapter you are a part of, we are all one community and when we need to, we really band together as one. 6. What do you do to wind down and relax? Ne lix. I watch FAR too much Ne lix in my free me. 7. Do you have a secret talent? It is really creepy, but I can flip my eyelids. All of my friends really hate when I do it! 8. What is a Smart Move you’ve made in college? When I was a sophomore I made the lifestyle choice to become a vegetarian. In the last few months, I have decided to shi again and have been trying to maintain a vegan diet. 9. How has this Smart Move helped you/challenged you? This has helped me a lot because I personally feel that it has improved my health and made me a healthier person overall. It has been difficult at mes, but I know that ul mately this is what is best for my body. 10. What’s your favorite campus resource or program? The Club Resource Center, of course! (That is my area of ASUA). But actually, I really love the Wildcat Events Board (WEB), as well. WEB is where I got my start in ASUA and the events they put on for students are so awesome and fun! They are the board that puts on the speakers, comedians, concerts, and SO much more! 1 • 520.621.6490

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