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SUMMER 2013 VOL. 38, ISSUE 2 the legal investigator The Official Journal of the National Association of Legal Investigators Jury Selection for Clients with Intellectual Disabilities / Mental Retardation | p.4 Learn how understanding the stereotypes that apply to your client are critical for your case. Jurors may convict a client with intellectual disabilities unfairly, especially in cases involving violence, sexual matters, and matters involving financial crimes such as welfare fraud. Editor in Chief Richard Robertson, CLI Managing Editor Paul Jaeb Contributing Writer 4 civil focus civil focus Inese A. Neiders, Ph.D., J.D. Contributing Writer Dean Beers, CLI The Legal Investigator is an official publication of the National Association of Legal Investigators, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2013. Please send all requests, change of address and all other NALI business to: NALI, 235 North Pine Street, Lansing, MI 48933 Readers are cautioned that opinions expressed are those of writers and are not necessarily endorsed or supported by NALI or the editor/ publisher. Publication of advertising does not imply endorsement. All advertising is subject to the approval of the editor/publisher. Advertiser and advertis-ing agency assume all liability for all content (including text, repre-sentations, and claims arising therein from/ against the publisher and/or NALI. The American Bar Association: Texas Death Penalty System Falls Short | p.8 The ABA’s new study shows that the Texas death penalty system fails in fairness and in eliminating the risk of executing the innocent. While the report praises Texas for recent improvements intended to increase fairness, the report declares that much work remains. 8 inside FORENSIC FOCUS | p.12 Find out how an aggressive commitment to leverage DNA technology in the context of human trafficking could help combat a scourge that’s virtually unrivaled in the world in its scope, heinousness, and complexity. features/updates MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL DIRECTOR | p.18 NALI National Director David W. Luther, CLI talks about the Annual Conference in New Orleans and adding new, young members to share NALI’s brain trust. NALI CONFERENCE COVERAGE | p.16 See photo coverage of the successful Annual NALI Conference in New Orleans, thanks to the hard work of Buddy Bombet, CLI, Julian Vail, and past National Director, Terry Cox, CLI. NEWS / UPDATES | p.19 An Omaha private eye accused of defrauding client of more than $850,000, yet the private investigator’s lawyer claims that the client made up the charges to account for spending habits. Who is telling the truth? 2 the legal investigator

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