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Age-Old Gifts don’t know what to get the teen on your list? Easy: an iGadget or maybe a free money gift card. done and done. But what about the little ones? Consult our gift guide for ages one through ten, compiled with a little help from our friends at Creatoyvity in Provi-dence and with independent play in mind. you’re sure to get the gold star for smartest present of the year. BY LAuREN CLEM 2 For the two-year-old: LITTLE ADvENTuRES DRESS-up CLOTHES, $2.99–$29.99 1 For the one-year-old: WALk-A-LONg SNAIL BY HApE TOYS, $29.99 Calling all knights, princesses, fairies and superheroes! This line of dress-up clothes and accessories features a star-studded, glitter-coated design for every imagination. The comfortable, easy-to-put-on outfits are kid-friendly, and the machine-washable fabrics are a hit with parents. For ages twelve months to ten years. This little critter’s got a cute smile and a shell full of colorful shapes to keep your youngest active and entertained. With a pull-along string and a wooden design made from eco-friendly mate-rials, it’s a modern spin on an old toy shop favorite. Buy it for your favorite little one and find yourself falling for the friendliest face you’ll ever meet on wheels. For ages twelve months and older. 3 For the three-year-old: AuTOMOBLOx MINIS BY CALELLO, $34.99 4 For the four-year-old: pENgOLOO BY BLuE ORANgE, $24.99 Choose a penguin and match the egg underneath to the color on the die in this memory-testing multiplayer game. Kids will love the funny little penguins and their brightly painted eggs, while parents can rest easy knowing that with every giggle their children are building memory and social skills. and with a company committed to using sustainable materials, everybody wins — even the eccentric wildlife that inspired the game. For ages four and older. Miniature toy cars are trying out a new look, and it’s working for them. These wheels have a sleek wooden design modeled after the latest sports cars and luxury vehicles, made with interchangeable parts so kids can create their own. For playground-goers with a need for speed and future car buffs already dreaming of a sweet ride. For ages three and older. 5 For the five-year-old: Q-BA-MAzE BY MINDWARE, $24.99 Fit these colorful, futuristic blocks together to create tow-ers, robots or whatever your creativity can conjure, then drop a marble in the top and watch it run! The three-dimensional structure makes for endless construction possibilities, while the double-exit design of the blocks means you never know where the marble will end up. Keep kids on their toes with a toy only as limited as their imaginations. For ages five and older. 12 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY l holidays 2013

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