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SPE CIAL AD VER TISING Join Us The Star sh Project. A two-year-long healing PROJECT THOSE arts project that touched thousands of Rhode BY HELPING AFFECTED CANCER Islanders will be on exhibit at the Providence BREAST Place Mall, Level B, City Side, Sky Bridge, star t fish One at a ime beginning Oct. 1. S t ar f ish Flames of Hope: A Celebration of Life™. Saturday, Wakefield Oct. 12 from 3 p.m. to midnight. A family event lled Foundation’ at the Hospital, County at 1:00-3:00PM at South with information and fun and live music by Changes s Center 10th ch , Providence Center 12:00-2:00PM the Foundation’ day, Mar from Satur at Medical ch 19th in Latitude (a Jimmy Bu et tribute band) and Beatle-Williams , Mar 6:30-8:00PM from at Roger Monday s Center ch 19th , Mar 11AM-3:00PM Plate. Foundation’ Ribbon of Hope License Order this specialty license mania. Don’t miss the nal lighting of WaterFire with from Monday at the s Center 26th ch , Mar 1:00-3:00PM the Foundation’ s Center from Monday at $41.50, plate for a one-time fee of and help uninsured and the beautiful Illuminations of Life ceremony 2nd, to Foundation’ day, April at the Satur om 6:30PM-8:00PM 7th, fr fits into call 401-861-4376 underinsured throughout Rhode Island receive life-that begins on the State House steps at sun-, May women that 6:30PM-8:00PM may Please class Monday from 11th, for the Mor e classes months, , June saving mammogram screenings through the RI Department register down. Visit flamesofhoperi.com for more an these Monday for schedule. during website your fer ed our ferings. be of check of class of o f H eal th’s Wo m en’s Can cer S creenin g P rogram. details. please listing updated Visit gloriagemma.org to order a license plate. Flames of Hope: Run/Walk Series. Sunday, Oct. 13. Registration begins at 8 a.m. A race for everyo n e , in c l u din g a Ki ds Fun Run (sponsored by Macy’s), the Pink Pump Palooza (sponsored by the Walking Company), the Gloria Gemma 5K and — new this year — the Gloria Gemma 10K (sponsored by Rejuvaderm Medispa). Race participants can also enjoy the block party with food and live music a er the races. For more information, visit flamesofhopeseries.org. has Breast vigilance, times. . becoming stronger guidance, troubling injury--become during itself after symbolizes heal to has ever of salvation can heal The starfish they can . and , but symbol the Foundation also a abilities, entire family east cancer , are br by ogram an cancer arts pr regenerative affected breast one can wound healing have people of you cancer a loved largest to is the , or lost installation thousands project survivor art to help a starfish—whether goal The starfish with a five panel strength, making a breast cancer a in of hope, part join us know undertaken of faith, you to , you will become journey We invite cancer survivor starfish and the These east life, . br of a call cancer please to breast the regeneration project, mination. celebrate and deter momentous this courage those part of be a is helping like to would (4376). ce Foundation If you Resour 401-861-HERO Cancer at a time. Breast starfish Gemma cancer…one Gloria east The by br affected s Center edible . SE C inspiration, TION greater This incr e and brilliance. creatur It is GLORIA W W BODY & FITNESS y’ s nd Monthl Rhode Isla oman’s w guide to a well-being. health and MISS DON’T LADIES, W HOLE WOMAN 96 BODY & FITNESS is important Being active of all ages. for women it and Tips on getting way. that staying WHOLE , WOMAN Monthly ’s NUTRITION ITION 100 NUTR your : Fuel Eat smarter but body with nothing the best! GENERAL HEALTH d R hode Islan man’s health o guide to a w g. View it in and well-be al edition it now as a dig .com. ly on RIMonth RAL 104 GENE HEALTH and symptoms Conditions needs every woman to know about. 108 FEATURE G CIN TRYING: FA INFERTILITY issue It’s a fairly common s face in their that couple s. s and fortie twenties, thirtie s it, how it’s What cause how to cope. and treated Sponsored by: CES 118 RESOUR groups Classes, self-help . and seminars 122 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY 093_Whole Woman cover_7.13.indd 93 l OCTOBER 2013 AM 8/9/13 10:46

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