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G r e e k Sp o tlight CHRIS PUTTON Senior Major: Regional Development Minor: German From: Phoenix, AZ 4. Best piece of advice for an undergrad peer at the UA? Use everything on campus to your advantage. You have no idea how many resources are out there to help you. 2. How has this Smart Move helped you/ challenged you? Freshman year I did not eat right and gained weight, but ea ng healthier and working out regularly has helped me live a healthier life. 3. What’s your favorite campus resource or program? My favorite resource is definitely Campus Rec. It has everything you need for a great workout, run, or even relaxing and hanging out by the pool. 1. What is a Smart Move you’ve made in college? A Smart Move I made in college is definitely to work out regularly and eat be er. “ Eating healthier and working out regularly has helped me live a healthier life. 6. What is one of your favorite memories thus far as a Wildcat? Definitely our bowl game win against Nevada last year. It was unbelievable watching our team come together to finish the game strong and end up winning. 7. What made you decide on going Greek? One of my best friends freshman year was a 5. Do you par cipate in any Arizona Athle c programs? What has been great and what has been hard for you playing a sport in college? I am a part of The University of Arizona Football team. It is an amazing experience to go out in front of thousands of people and play the sport that I love, but it’s not all fun. One of the biggest challenges is balancing football, class, homework, and s ll making me for friends. It can get exhaus ng at mes, but I love every minute of it. ” 1 • 520.621.6490

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