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part of star ng our chapter. Seeing him go through all the troubles of star ng up a chapter and mee ng and hanging out with all the guys, I felt like I was one of their brothers before I even joined. That’s when I decided I might as well join them. 8. What have been some advantages you’ve experienced from being Greek at the UA? I have definitely never had so many people I could count on before. If you need anything, no one hesitates to help you. 9. Do you have a secret talent? Well I think not too many people know that I really enjoy drawing. It kind of relaxes me and gets me away from the everyday college life that can get exhaus ng at mes. 10. Who is your favorite Greek celebrity and why? One of my favorites is definitely Archie Manning. He was an amazing quarterback and is a very loving person and father to his 2 sons that you might have heard of before, Eli and Peyton Manning. Greek Beat n October 12th, the Interfraternity Council at The University of Arizona will hold a golf tournament hosted by El Rio Golf Course. All 17 fraterni es will produce 4 golfers which will create 2 teams of 2 for their chapter. Each team of 2 will be matched with a different fraterni es’ team of 2 in order to strengthen fraternal bonds and inspire networking between the fraterni es. The goal of the event is to raise money for The University of Arizona Student Emergency Fund, a suppor ve program for students in need of emergency finances. Each golfer pays $50 – which covers golf, food, prizes – and every dollar goes to the Student Emergency Fund. The council is honored to help the UA and excited to have fun in the process. They IFC Golf Tournament O hope this great event will become a philanthropic tradi on every year. IFC Charter Chapters who have ques ons can contact Layton Cox at Interested in dona ng to the cause? Contact Katherine Snyder at 2

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