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2013 FASTENER LITERATURE PROFILE Screw Products Co. BRIGHTON-BEST INTERNATIONAL www .brighton BEST .com VOLUME 29 ⁄ NO 4 JULY ⁄ AUGUST 2013 50 years is quite a milestone. Started by my father Frank Valerio in 1963 with very little money and a rent free space on Surrey Court in Chicago, Aetna is now a well respected business. At 50 we tend to look back on how we got to where we are. In doing so we would like to thank our dedicated customers and friends in the distributor & OEM businesses for all of your loyalty, support and patronage through the years. At times it has been a very exhilarating adventure. We’ve had some very optimistic, exciting and profitable times and we also ran into some tumultuous and rough times. But, here we are, still strong and vibrant at 50. Therefore, to celebrate our 50th Anniversary we would like to extend our appreciation for our customers and friends, old and new, by offering discounted prices through August 2013 on all of the products that you know we provide best. You know the products! So, give us a call or send us an email. Here is to many more years, Joe Valerio, President A ETNA S crew P roducts has turned 50 Largest Wholesaler of Domestic and Imported Fasteners 6363 W Gross Point Road Niles, IL 60714 USA P: 847-647-9555 FAX: 847-647-6712 WWW.AETNASCREW.COM SALES@AETNASCREW.COM WHY PAY FOR IT, WHEN IT’S FREE! FASTENER NEWS NOW Change Service Requested American Fastener Journal 11305 E. Monument Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85262-4746 Permit #5405 Columbus, Ohio PRSRTD STD U.S. Postage PAID

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