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B BODY & FITNESS feel the burn Fitness choices to help you feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually. By Talia Ghazal Finding the right workout routine can be challenging so we’ve singled out four of our faves. Yoga is for spiritual women who want to stimulate their mind and body, whereas type-A women may feel more ac-complished in circuit training. Kickboxing is an empowering fitness regimen, while Zumba is a carefree way to burn calories. The goal is for you to find an exercise routine that fits you. Yoga Basics: It’s fitness for the mind and body that empha-sizes proper posture, breathing techniques and meditation/ relaxation. Good terms for new-bies to know: Asana is a deeply focused and meditative pose and pranayama are breathing exercises. Exercises: There are more than a dozen different types of yoga out there, and each has a slightly different approach. In general, participants can expect to stretch muscles and gently contort their bodies into a series of controlled poses. Benefits: Yogis tout their discipline as a super way to alleviate stress. It’s also been shown to improve posture, lower blood pressure, tone muscles, improve sleep habits and boost libido (three cheers for yoga, ladies!). Risks: Other than the embar-rassment you may incur should all that twisting, bending and relaxation lead to the unavoid-able yoga toot (it happens), risks are minimal; just pay mind not to overstrain muscles. Where to Do It: Take your pick! See our yoga chart on page 97 for more. Circuit Training Basics: Keyword: Customiza-tion. Typically, there are five stations but you can make modifications from the tim-ing to the exercises and the intensity. A circuit will really challenge your body as the exercises frequently change within the timed workout. Exercises: Choose one exer-cise per station — upper body, lower body, combination and sprint workout. Divide your time evenly between these four stations and your rest period. Benefits: Because it is dy-namic, you will improve your strength, cardio and athleti-cism. The best part is that you develop the circuit, so choose exercises that target specific areas of your body that you want to condition. Risks: Know your abilities. It’s best to build your skills before incorporating technical exer-cises, and be sure to ease your way into the routine. Where to Do It: Method Fitness, 19 South Angell St.; 755 Westminster St., Providence, 274-6384, methodfit.com. Kickboxing Basics: Kickboxing combines boxing and martial arts tech-niques. There are two types of kickboxing: fighter and fitness. Fitness teaches self-defense while incorporating exercise. Exercises: A variety of punch-kick combinations; there is no contact in fitness kickboxing, so you’ll be practicing against a target pad or heavy bag. Benefits: Boost your me-tabolism, tone your body and strengthen your core while learning self-defense. You will become fast, flexible and coordinated. How’s that for a confidence-booster! Risks: There is less risk involved in fitness than fighter kickboxing. Know your limits and don’t over-extend your-self when punching or kicking. Work with an experienced trainer who can show you the proper equipment to use, how to wrap your hands and how to nail a move accurately. Where to Do It: Rondeau’s Kickboxing, 12 Sunnyside Ave., Johnston; 562 Cass Ave., Woon-socket, 272-5425, rkblive.com . Zumba Basics: A fusion of Latin dance and fitness training that will lift your spirits and boost your energy. You can’t go wrong when you’re burning calories and having a blast! Exercises: Move to Latin, Af-rican, Bollywood and ballroom dance rhythms while working out in a regimented class. Zum-ba is for people of all ages and body types. “Zumba Toning” uses toning sticks during the session to help build muscle. Benefits: It doesn’t feel like exercise, but you’ll burn calories, boost metabolism and tone your body. Plus, this dance-fitness routine will brighten your mood, keeping you energized and motivated. Zumba will definitely have you heading to the gym more often. Risks: This is a fun, engag-ing workout so it is easy to get caught up in the moment. Rookies: Be sure not to overdo the exercises so you don’t strain any muscles. Pay attention to your instructor, stay hydrated and listen to your body. Where to Do It: Body Com-plete Fitness, 1375 Park Ave., Cranston, 946-0378, bodycompletefitness.com. 96 WHOLE WOMAN 2013 | Rhode Island Monthly’s guide to a woman’s health and wellness

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