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SUSTAINABLE Utility Service offers unique sustainable solutions for the distribution system: Water Quality · Ice Pigging · THM Removal · Tank Mixing · Chemical Cleaning: tanks, filter media, clear wells Asset Management · Storage Tanks · GPS locating, mapping & GIS Services · Valve & Hydrant locating, exercising, maintenance & repairs Water Conservation · Water Loss Reduction & Helium Leak Detection Services Metering Services · Smart Metering To learn more contact your local Utility Service Representative... Western Iowa Kent Kuehl • 402.689.6708 email at: visit Eastern Iowa Brad Robbins • 641.218.0768 email at: Innovative, flexible and comprehensive solutions from a company you’ve trusted since 1963. MAKE YOUR HEALTH PLAN MORE SUSTAINABLE. The most sustainable resource in your organization is your people. Our unique process leverages wellness, plan design, and creative financing to achieve an optimal return on your human capital investment. Through The Benefits Navigator Program , TrueNorth will combine uncommon risk analysis with accountability initiatives to provide measurable and sustainable financial results. Call the benefits department at TrueNorth today to learn how! CLARITY │ CONTROL │ CAPABILITY truenorth • (800) 798 -4080 2 Cityscape July 2013 •••• •• • •• •• ••• DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM SOLUTIONS

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