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Publisher welcome aboard! looking shoes walked up and introduced himself. “Hi,” he said. “I’m Win Rockefeller and I’m interested in the 46 you have here. I’m going to buy yours or that 45 Hatteras across the aisle. Can you tell me about the 46?” Soon, Win and I were climbing around the engine room. I explained the workings of the 46 Bertram in great detail and why it was better than the flat bottom 45 Hatteras, especially when it was rough. When we finished, he was ready to buy. Years later, Winthrop Rockefeller actually bought Allied Marine. He preached the value of product knowledge to his salespeople and often referred to this guy who worked for Bertram Yacht when he was shopping for the 46, recounting the experience and how well I knew that boat. As always, I know you’ll enjoy this latest issue of PYB. For our broker spotlight, we’ve interviewed John DeCaro. John made the transition from yachtie to big boat captain to yacht broker to opening his own shop, All Ocean Yachts, dedicated to building explorer vessels. Just how involved a broker should be on a new build is fraught with uncertainty, but you can read what the pundit builders, lawyers and designers think on page 18. Turn the pages and learn about the largest yacht refit with reclaimed wood, a totally different project than the cold molded boats being designed by Dusty Rybovich, the scion of the legendary sportfishing family. Dave Gratton, chairman of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) and owner of Martek of Palm Beach, weighs in on the standards by which marine electronics professionals should be evaluated. As always, our Fish Tales column has another whopper – this one’s about getting a deposit. Have a great summer on the water and while you’re out there, take time to really learn your listings as well as competitive listings. It will pay off, probably when you least expect it. Fair winds, There are two types of prospects: those who are boat buyers and those who could be boat buyers in the future. A broker has to stay on his toes, embracing both the prospect and the boat of the moment. Selling a boat is not necessarily always about being a super salesman. Turning a prospect with questions into an acquaintance and then a friend, one who trusts your knowledge of the vessel and their boating needs, is something that you either get or you don’t. It helps if you take time to run the boat. I’ve gained a lot of product knowledge the hard way, by actually running boats, not just reciting brochure specs. Many years ago, I went to Texas and brought Bertram 46-101 back to Miami. This particular 46 was an important boat. It was a factory demo and Bertram’s first step into big boats. Hull 101 was the first 46 ever made, the first of many 46 Bertrams that were built. So my wife, Jean, and I were off to Texas. We arrived to find the boat so trashed that we had to clean it before we were able to go to bed. After days of cleaning and repairs, we departed from Miami. The boat ride from Texas to Miami turned into a two-month odyssey. The Bertram factory arranged for us to show the boat at dealerships along the way and we sat out a hurricane in the Gulf. The real problem was that this boat had been so neglected by the previous captain that it had major problems almost every day. By the time we arrived in Miami, I knew every system on that boat inside and out. Engines, water systems, hydraulics, electrical wiring -you name it and I had repaired it at some point on the trip. Off the coast of Florida, it was rough as hell from Carrabelle to Tampa from the recent hurricane, so we ran half speed, bow up into the seas. When we got to St. Pete no one believed we had come across the Gulf. It was 1971, and people were just learning about the Bertram ride. We were slow, but we could go through anything. At the time, Hatteras had hundreds of larger vessels out and I was on the first big Bertram. This 46 was heavy built, and while a Hatteras was lighter and faster, the Bertram would leave it in the dust in rough water. Not long after my extended Gulf cruise, I was working Miami Boat Show for Bertram Yacht when a neatly dressed man with very expensive-Jim Ramsey Publisher and Executive Editor, Professional Yacht Broker Magazine J UNE 2013 | PROFESSIONAL YACHT BROKER 5

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