WildHope Digital Magazine Spring 2013 : Page 2

CONTENTS Features 14 Unforgiving Majesty Nature, Raw & Wild Exploring Alaska’s Coast by Sailboat Departments 20 Giggling At Whale Sharks 26 Protecting Baby Sea Turtles 32 Your Brain on Ocean Therapy 38 SEEtheWILD News 8 Partner News 10 Wildlife Advocacy Campaigns 12 Wildlife Conservation Tours 36 A Billion at a Time The Healing Powers of the Sea Unique Tours Around the World Cover Photo: Kevin J. Smith / Maple Leaf Adventures Photo: Elizabeth Moreno / RED Sustainable Travel A Conservation Photo Essay by Daniel Fox An Interview with Reefs to Rockies’ Sheridan Samano Our Newest Mission, 2012 in Review, Calling Wildlife Advocates! Updates from Wildlife Conservation Organizations Take Action to Help Protect Endangered Species 2

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