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versions), hello Wave accounting. My GPS is collecting dust now that I have Google maps into iNotes+ is simple to set up and easy to navigate. Measures is an iPad App that allows you to overlay the distances on your photos. Much more powerful than a diagram. Facetime or Skype is simple to set up and you can have real face time and recording. How many different uses does that conjure up? Now for the asterisk. You have little control over how your clients or outside entities want to transmit data. You can scan hardcopy and you can ask your clients to set up a Dropbox where you share documents in a safe private server, but there are times when they want to hand you a DVD or a CD. So don’t throw away that old Mac or PC with the disc drive. to take me not only point to point, but I can enter all my stops and it will create the most efficient route. When I come back to the car after an interview, Dragon Dictate creates my memorandum of interview and is 90% accurate. I track my time and mileage in Numbers and I I am now 95% iPad. I have had no downtime due to bugs or viruses. Everything works and I have only to do a few workarounds to replicate process from the old days. The new Apps are dirt cheap and the updates are free. Plus I get to listen to Pandora or Spotify, watch Netflicks and Hula+, read books from Kindle, Nook or the iBookstore, get my RSS feed through Flipboard and can Facebook my friends and colleagues. Don’t underestimate the cool factor. Walk into a new client’s office with your iPad and start taking notes or show them something neat. It is a conversation piece that helps you justify why they should pay you your going rate. From my iPad, of course. — John A. Hoda, CLI, CFE, and NALI Region 1 Director is the owner of Elm City Detectives in Milford, CT. He is the creator of the DVD: The Ultimate Guide to Taking Statements and the fictional novel, Phantasy Baseball: It’s about a Second Chance . He can reached at 860-930-6010 or jhoda@ On the web at www. am off to my next stop. Synch your calendar between your iPhone and iPad. Back up all your data from both in iCloud and you are safe. iPad really takes you to the next level. iPad sports an excellent camera and microphone. Quality digital photos and voice recordings that you can attach to emails or spring 2013 5

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