The Legal Investigator Vol. 38, Issue 1, Spring 2013 : Page 2

technical focus by John A. Hoda, CLI T ools T rade iPad for L egal I nvestigators of the When I decided to jump, I had to first replace my operational methods. Word became I was not happy with Windows. “ I jumped right to the tablet world and haven’t looked back. I was sick and tired of having to pay to update operating software. I was disgusted when I picked up a stray virus that immobilized my business for days on end. So my choice could have been Windows vs. Mac, but in doing my research, it became iPad vs. Android. I jumped right to the tablet world and haven’t looked back. Battery life and portability are the biggest plusses. I can work all day and evening without being tethered to an outlet. I don’t have to go brew a cup of coffee waiting for the machine to power up and be functional. I can carry it in a notebook when I leave the car. The retina display is awesome. I don’t feel like I am peering into a cave anymore. Looking at digitized source documents on the iPad allows me to magnify the image with little distortion; slightly important when reading old vital records, police reports or nurses notes. Combine a Bluetooth keyboard with a cheap “air” printer and a Verizon $30-a-month internet connection and you are good to go, mostly. More about that later. Apps are next. They have an App for everything that are ridiculously cheap and user friendly. Pages. Excel is now Numbers. Access gave way to iNotes+. ACT and paying for updates, was supplanted by iNotes CRM. Adios Quickbooks (we are turning off and not supporting Internet banking on older 4 the legal investigator

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