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APRIL | MAY 2013 VOL. 17 ISSUE 3 W ritten B y © THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST Columns 7 Take 5 by Todd aaron Jensen Ben Ketai ate a bearclaw and got Chosen . 26 8 THe JoB by LIsa rosen To be or not to be in Joss Whedon’s home movie, with a script by shakespeare. By BRian hELGELand Only the living know the ghosts of Brooklyn. An octogenarian father introduces his son to Jackie Robinson. 22 A Reasonable Doubt By RichaRd Stayton Will David Mamet stand accused of walking away from writing? We reasonably doubt the prolific Pulitzer Prize–winner can call it quits. 34 Classic Rock Hits By PaUL BRoWnFiELd Now the show belongs to the ages. Celebrating the late, great, wacky, never-to-be-duplicated 30 Rock . 42 Suicide Is Painless, Kind of By LiSa RoSEn Lauren Iungerich is making a dramedy in the teensphere. No wonder she feels a bit Awkward . 48 Malick in Wonderland By F.X. FEEnEy Visuals rule Terrence Malick’s worlds. But in the beginning is the script. The FaTher oF Us all 10 FILM LIT by daVId kIPen Deconstructing The searchers. Why were the iconic Western’s climactic lines cut? 12 FroM THe VaULT by JosePH MCBrIde Frank s. nugent was the quiet man behind director John Ford, scripting his best films. The director never forgave him. DEPARTmEnTs 2 FADE In 6 WRITERs’ Room 56 FADE ouT COVER PORtRAIt Of BRIAN HELgELANd BY jILLY wENdELL CONtENtS IMAgE: tHE BROOkLYN BRIdgE

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