The Legal Investigator Vol.37, Issue 4 Winter 2013 : Cover

WINTER 2013 VOL. 37, ISSUE 4 the legal investigator The Official Journal of the National Association of Legal Investigators Surveillance Systems The Truth About vs. Reality CRIMINAL FOCUS | p.16 Knowing when to stop investigating can avoid causing problems for your client and the case. Find out how to analyze your case, advise your client, and save both the case and your agency’s reputation. TV Bryan Neumeister | p.4 BUSINESS FOCUS | p.12 Get the scoop on building an ad hoc team at a moment’s notice and find out why this ability is becoming imperative for survival in a competitive profession and economic environment. Photo courtesy of Ocean Systems NEWS/UPDATES | p.22 A backlog of 20,000 rape evidence kits on Texas police department evidence shelves are in the news. A senate bill may help pay the $7M to $11M price tag for processing and bring justice to victims.

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