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n January 24, the United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC) hosted their Greek Invasion. Members of the USFC, Na onal Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and Panhellenic Council a ended and performed in the show. This was an event to help give be er insight into the salutes and strolls of chapters. A stroll is a type of dance that members of organiza ons do together, with each stroll being unique the Letters the Music, Behind Behind Greek Invasion: By Megan May O and specific to each chapter. Many chapters’ strolls consist of lining up and performing a repe ve series of alterna ng, yet synchronized dance moves. These moves o en have symbolic and/or historical importance to the chapter and can be used to exemplify their beliefs and ideals about brotherhood or sisterhood. The event was an exci ng and entertaining look into one of the many tradi ons of Greek organiza ons. Alpha Phi Giving Back with American Red Cross By Aaron Whitelock lpha Phi Sorority held its annual blood dona on drive through the American Red Cross on Monday February 11, 2013. Par cipants included donors from all over campus and school-wide organiza ons. When asked about the event, Alpha Phi’s President Anita Shannon said, “Every year we hold our ‘Sweethearts Week’ in the spring to raise support and awareness about our philanthropy, Women’s Heart Health. The A addi on of the blood drive with the American Red Cross has been a huge success and I know we will con nue doing it for years to come.” Events like these are ways the Greek community can organize compassionate events and give back to the community. By involving the campus, Alpha Phi gave meaning to the word community. Greek organiza ons will con nue to create opportuni es to raise money and give back in the future. 2

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