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publisher’s note Prosperous thriving cities create relationships between their arts community and their sports com-munity. Sports are as much a part of our culture and economic growth as are the arts. Sometimes it is not just about winning, it’s about how you play the game. From the dawn of human civiliza-tion, the progress of arts and ath-letics have paralleled one another and defined each society. Shad Khan is focusing on reshaping and defining the Jaguars…Jacksonville’s team…our team. Shad Khan’s vison to take our team to London is a huge opportunity for Jacksonville to "Stand United", connect and engage with the world. So what are the Asthetics of Athletics? How do art and football connect? Read Bill Hill’s article on page 31. There is definitely a gastronomy trend going on here in Northeast Florida. This wonderful crazy trend of gastronomy we keep hearing about is the art of food eating and the study of food and culture, with a particular focus on gourmet cuisine. And this latest, new group of gastronomers call themselves “Artivores.” And appropriately so: “Artivores are arts and food lovers, supporting causes that advance our cultural evolution through events and actions that appeal to our best artistic and gastronomic natures.” Creating gourmet meals is an art form. Take that to the next level by combining the sight and sound of dance and music as part of an overall sensory experience. The stellar first ever Artivores’ Palette to Plate, A Culinary Evolution dinner on Feb. 23, held at Florida Mining Gallery, was a fundraiser for the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art’s Education Department. The evening was orchestrated by Anita Morrill of Empty Nest Events, with food prepared by Dig Foods and bb’s Restaurant. But the “art” of the “vores” would not have been complete without the talents of the Braided Light Dance Project team on aerial silks. They worked in tandem with Lee Hamby to represent The 5 & Dime, A Theater Company, whose motto is fitting: “Making Change in Jacksonville.” On April 5, over twenty-five national speakers come together on one day at the University of Florida to share their experiences and expertise. Speakers include Michele Ganeless, president of Comedy Central, and Lisa Gersh, CEO of Martha Stewart Living . Read about Donna Orender’s GenerationW event and this engaging group of leaders beginning on page 66. Last but not least, learn all about the exciting, upcoming One Spark event for creators, artists, entrepreneurs and innovators. The faces on this Arbus cover are from Wayne Wood’s One Spark installation: some of the individuals he considers to be the Creative Community. Wood’s portraits capture artists, museum staff, patrons, gallerists, business owners, musicians, and other supporters of culture in our city with engaging wit. Find out more about One Spark, and Wood’s photos, in our sixteen page spread starting on page 39. Happy Spring…Things are hoppin’! Cinda Sherman, Publisher 4 march/april 2013 • arbus magazine

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