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G r e e k Sp o tlight Nick Tommarello is an avid Triathlete and Crossfi er. Over the summer he trained for and completed his first Ironman. An Ironman consists of a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike, and finally a 26.6 mile run. We were able to sit down with Nick and ask him a few ques ons. NICK TOMMARELLO Interfraternity Council’s Vice President of Risk Management 6. How many calories do you eat per day? It depends on 1. What is your weekly workout and dietary schedule? My work schedule fluctuates. It depends if I’m training for my goals and what I am training for. During Ironman training an event or just staying in shape. I also do my best to not put I was ea ng over 5,000 calories. Right now I am trying to gain school in the backseat during my training. My diet is almost weight for Crossfit and am ea ng about 4,000 calories. always clean. Typically, I follow what is known as the Paleo 7. What kinds of foods typically make up these calories? diet. I usually cook all my own food and eat li le to nothing Typically protein, eggs, fresh meat, nuts, almond bu er, that is processed. I have eliminated alcohol during training lots of fruits and veggies. To me, nothing is off my diet when months as it can have nega ve effects trying to put on healthy weight. If I want ice on my progress. cream one night, I’m not going to say “no” excuse there’s no me, To 2. Does the fraternity lifestyle affect to myself. any part if your training (staying up for not getting my training 8. How many mes per week do you late, bars, me restraints)? I must say done. I am able to balance exercise? For how long? What do you do? it has in the past. I try to s ll have fun Once again it depends on my current goals. and enjoy my social life. My goals school, social life, work, Typically I train six days a week, with usually keep me focused on what I and training each day. mul ple workouts a day. Right now it should be doing though. usually is about two a day, with one being 3. Do you work out alone or with a a strength program or Olympic li ing, the partner? For triathlon I work out alone. Crossfit I am usually other being a high intensity power li ing and cardio. with a few people. If you have never heard of Crossfit, it 9. How many pull-ups can you do without rest? Strict pull ups consists of high intensity workouts combined with Olympic I can do about 25-30. li ing, gymnas cs, plyometrics, endurance, and a million 10. Who do you look up to more: Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee? other things. I love it. Dumb ques on... Chuck Norris. Easy decision. 4. How do you manage a busy lifestyle with making me 11. What type of junk food do you miss the most? I have a for daily exercise? It’s all about me management. To me, huge sweet tooth. My favorite candies are Redvines and there’s no excuse for not ge ng my training done. I am able Strawberry Twizzlers. to balance school, social life, work, and training each day. 12. What is your favorite pump-up song on your iPod? 5. Having completed your first triathlon recently, what are It changes all the me. I usually listen to hard rock during your goals for future triathlons? My last triathlon was over training. However I’ve even listened to classical before. If you the summer. I completed Ironman Louisville. My future goals have never tried it during a workout you need to. Very relaxing for a triathlon would be to qualify for Kona. That is the World and a complete new way to take in a workout mentally. Championships held each year in Hawaii. “ ” 1 • 520.621.6490

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