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Greek Beat By Zoe Thorpe, Panhellenic President The Reflections Body Image Program new and wonderful program brought to our campus by the Panhellenic community is the Reflec ons Body Image Program. The Reflec ons Program started at the University of Arizona in the Spring Semester of 2011. The program helps foster posi ve body image and reaffirms a healthy ideal among its par cipants. Reflec ons is the first evidence-based body image awareness program designed for and with sorori es. The Program helps par cipants resist the unrealis c, thin vision of female beauty prevalent in today’s society. Through a variety of structured discussions, ac vi es, and exercises led by peer facilitators, A Interested in par cipa ng or being a facilitator for the Reflec ons Program? Email women are able to embrace a healthy ideal, reduce their own body dissa sfac on, decrease “fat talk” in their daily life, and recognize all of the wonderful non-appearance related aspects of themselves and others. One Reflec ons Program peer facilitator, Nicole Baldwin, said this about the program: “I love the Reflec ons Program. In college, many women suffer from nega ve body image, and the compe on to look like the ‘thin ideal’ is endless. It is inspiring to see a group of young women come together and realize they are not alone. A er each session, the glow of confidence beaming from par cipants’ faces is incredibly inspiring. This program helps us all embrace our posi ve a ributes and rock what we've got!” What is GAMMA and what is an unregistered party? GAMMA (Greeks Advoca ng the Mature Management of Alcohol) is a student-led organiza on that upholds campus and University policies for members of fraterni es and sorori es by working with chapters to promote the safe and responsible use of alcohol at Greek func ons. GAMMA is responsible for helping chapters comply with these regula ons at social events. GAMMA also holds informa onal and educa onal mee ngs once a month for chapter representa ves to a end. GAMMA has many ps on how to plan or a end a party responsibly. One requirement is that a guest list is always to be made. A guest list for GAMMA consists of a typed list with guests birth dates and is required to be turned in during the post-event walkthrough. Another useful p is that all events with alcohol are closed events; thus, there should be no flyers or banners created or distributed adver sing the event, and mass invita ons through sites such as Facebook are also prohibited. An unregistered party is any event that has not been registered through GAMMA with primarily Greek members in a endance, where alcohol is present, and which lacks security. GAMMA encourages everyone to only a end registered par es, plan registered par es efficiently, and, if they choose to drink alcohol, drink responsibly. 2

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