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FALL 2012 VOL. 37, ISSUE 3 the legal investigator The Official Journal of the National Association of Legal Investigators forensics focus 4 Exploring the Relationship Between Palm / Finger Prints and Blood | p.4 Learn how experts determine whether a finger was wet with blood when it made contact with an object, a clean finger made contact with blood that was already on an object, or whether blood has come into contact with an existing finger mark on an object. Editor in Chief Richard Robertson Managing Editor Paul Jaeb Contributing Writer Rob Bone Contributing Writer Douglas Page Scott Harrell Contributing Writer Contributing Writer Dean Beers, CLI The Legal Investigator is an official publication of the National Association of Legal Investigators, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2012. Please send all requests, change of address and all other NALI business to: NALI, 235 North Pine Street, Lansing, MI 48933 Readers are cautioned that opinions expressed are those of writers and are not necessarily endorsed or supported by NALI or the editor/ publisher. Publication of advertising does not imply endorsement. All advertising is subject to the approval of the editor/publisher. Advertiser and advertis-ing agency assume all liability for all content (including text, repre-sentations, and claims arising therein from/ against the publisher and/or NALI. Forensic Gunshot Acoustic Analysis is Heating Up -Don’t Get Burned | p.8 Forensic acoustic experts are finding that the recorded sound pattern of a single round can vary due to many factors. Learn how the orientation of the recording device with respect to the gunshot, type of gun, and mobile device audio systems can affect the recorded waveform. 8 forensics focus inside FORENSICS FOCUS | p.14 Gathering digital evidence so that it meets the standards of admissibility can make or break your case. Learn about often-overlooked digital information sources, the protocols for identifying and preserving digital files, and about interpreting hidden, deleted, partial and temporary files. features/updates MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL DIRECTOR | p.20 NALI National Director Terry R. Cox, CLI talks about the presenter line-up, the lively Memphis venue at the Peabody Hotel, and a few special surprises planned for the 45th MidWinter Conference February 14-16, 2013. NALI MIDWINTER CONFERENCE | p.12 Find out all the details on this year’s lineup of pre-senters, the conference schedule, registration, and how to get the special Peabody hotel venue rates. NEWS / UPDATES | p.22 Get the latest on the variety of lively and scenic locations planned for upcoming NALI conferences. Save the dates and join NALI for these education-packed and fun networking events. 2 the legal investigator

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