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Overweight & It’s Never Too Late to On the MEND | | Rec 04 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 Schedule a One-Hour Consultation with a Registered Dietitian at Change! Diabetic? Physicians say less traditional thera-pies can have a beneficial effect. “I don’t routinely recommend ad-junct therapies such as acupuncture, pet therapy, etc., but if a patient comes to me and says, ‘I meditate and it works for me,’ I say don’t stop now,” Cioffi says. “This is not the time to disrupt things that allow you to feel like you have control of your life. As long as it’s clear they’re not going to interfere with the things we need to do.” Your Resource for Registered Dietitians Two convenient locations: 600 Putnam Pike Greenville 401.349.4870 1145 Reservoir Ave. Cranston 401.228.6010 PERSONALIZED Nutrition Plans for ◆ SENIORS ◆ DIABETES ◆ PREGNANCY ◆ CORONARY AND STROKE REDUCTION ◆ HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS (ADULTS, TEENS AND PRE-TEENS) ◆ OVERWEIGHT CHILDREN www. healthwayri .com Achieving the extraordinary in rehabilitating human potential. Specializing in comprehensive outpatient medical rehabilitation programs and services for children, adults and families impacted by disability. Another therapy that has proven beneficial for children who must have surgery is distraction therapy. They’re too young to understand the post-op-erative pain, so distraction helps them cope. Which means you just might find an X-box in the pediatric ward. “It does seem to decrease their nar-cotic use,” Cioffi reports. Massage therapy helps with pain management for patients recovering from injury or surgery, especially those with orthopedic function issues such as tendonitis. “Fairly regular, professional massage relieves stress, we all know that, but what relieves the stress is the muscles relaxing. Keeping the muscles loose and relaxed helps maintain good range of motion,” Bouffard says. Many patients also swear by Reiki, a Japanese form | | Continued on page 12 Pediatric Program • Day School for children 3-21 years with autism, complex learning disabilities, and genetic disorders • Comprehensive evaluations • Specialized pediatric language and movement groups • Outpatient clinical services • Family education Neuro-Rehabilitation Program • Day treatment program for adults and adolescents who have sustained traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumor or other neurologic injury • Comprehensive evaluations • Hearing Center providing comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services including hearing aid dispensing and follow-up • Outpatient clinical services • Client/family education Consultant Group • Education and training for health care and education professionals • Technical assistance and professional consultations to school districts and health care organizations For more information on our programs and services, please call 401-886-6600 or visit us online at www.sargentcenter.org 10 Rhode Island Monthly | Guide to Health and Wellness 2013

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