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call down-home Arkansas. Alice lives in a one-story stucco house of about 4,200 square feet designed by Aledo architect Richard Wintersole. The interior is composed of natural wood and stone, with comfortable furniture in hues of blue and yellow. She was involved in every aspect of the home’s creation, from selecting paint colors to FKRRVLQJZKLFKÁRZHUVWREOHQGLQZLWK the native grasses. Stunning works of art, many contemporary, hang on the ZDOOV$OLFHERXJKWKHUÀUVWSLHFHRIDUW ZKHQVKHZDVLQWKHÀIWKJUDGH³D reproduction of Picasso’s Blue Nude she got from her father’s pre-Walmart Ben Franklin store. She points out large natural crystals on the tables and notes that they are a daily reminder of her beloved Arkansas. Alice has no live-in domestic staff, and she does her own cooking. It’s private and peaceful, which is exactly how she wants it. Alice is no longer married, and has no children. Her horses are her children. One of the constants in her life is -RDQ(YDQV&#0f;DQHIÀFLHQW&#0f;QR
QRQVHQVH but cheerful woman who’s been the RIÀFHPDQDJHUDQG´JDWHNHHSHUµDWWKH Rocking W for over a decade. If you want to know anything about the ranch, LWVFKDPSLRQKRUVHVRU$OLFH&#0f;-RDQLV \RXUÀUVWFDOO7KHUDQFKRIÀFHLVDEXV\ place this afternoon, with the phone ringing constantly. “Excuse me for a PLQXWH,W·VDOZD\VWKLVZD\&#0f;µ-RDQVD\V -RDQVHHVVLGHVRI$OLFHPRVWSHRSOH never do. “She pitches in when a job needs GRLQJ&#0f;µ-RDQVD\V´6KHFRQVLGHUVWKLV ranch a group effort.” Alice is thrilled this afternoon when a new owner sends a picture of one of her mares. She’s careful when she sells a horse to PDNHVXUHWKDWWKHVDOHLVDJRRGÀWIRU the horse and for the people who are buying it. It’s not a case of “I want to sell this horse”; it’s a case of “I want to sell this horse to the right person.” If it’s a show horse, she wants to know that it will have good trainers and that LWVVKRZFDUHHUZLOOEHQHÀW6KHNHHSV up with the horse’s earnings and who’s riding it. It’s like a child who’s gone off to school. She has that connection. In her personal life, Alice is private. “She tries to maintain anonymity so she can be out in the public as an ordinary SHUVRQ&#0f;µ-RDQVD\V´3HRSOHPD\WKLQN $OLFHGRHVQ·WOLNHWRSOD\IDYRULWHV&#0f;EXWVKHGHÀQLWHO\LVSDUWLDOWR7KH%RRQ&#0f;DVWURQJ
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